Fortnite is one of the most play played games around the world and also being one of the most extreme games on twitch YouTube, mixer, and Facebook gaming for a long time. Which name the game is having one of the most user bases and it seems to be on the console and desktop system.

The game is available on a mobile platform, but it does not have a huge user base because of the size and compatibility of the game situation as of now. Fortnite has released its press publication on from the game having and 350 million register player until April 2020. Let’s take a closer look at it and know more about it.

If we recall the game having and 250 million player register as per the Fortnite press release in March 2019, Wasim de has 100 million new players within a year in record time for any desktop system giving or console game. I have also pushed very hard and bringing a unique collaboration with comics and their celebrities alone movies in their game exclusively for the first time. Not only this, but they have also partnered with Samsung smartphone division to bring some exclusive in-game content that seems to be a quite elegant experience.

What’s more interesting is that they have recently released their chapter 2 Season 3 Fortnite game and it seems to be a huge jump with an over 3.2 billion hours of gameplay within an hour. There is no other game that has achieved this type of player base for a day, and in an hour, it takes a huge time to give this kind of popularity.

If we compared to their previous record Fortnite player count in August 2018 day, have 17 million player,s and in April 2020 the have 350 million player register. Calculating the data and stats it’s and 41% of jump and mostly gained from the United States. Moon over the stream but also Bina part of it and always on the top list for a reason because it is a mixture of Battle Royale such as Call of Duty, Pubg, and Apex. Where has the game such as Call of Duty belongs to a commando, Pubg belongs to n ancient people that they were fighting for and survival effects and apex with futuristic humans and their weapons?

Furthermore, Fortnite is a mixed gaming experience that likely to play a game not to win but most probably to play and enjoy it. And that’s what games were made for having fun is the most important part of the game instead of quilling such as its competitor made. Not to mention this scheme is also quite competitive, and the Championship was also organized, but most people were playing this game for fun and enjoy it as it should be considered. Where the unknown player battleground is having such a number of cases of that due to unfortunate action but Fortnite, do not have.

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