Nintendo rolls out their latest 12.0.3 to their switch, which reportedly includes a lot of bug reasons why Nintendo rollbacks the update. Still, there are a lot of users suggested due to the update that they have encountered Error Code 2123-1502.

Due to this, players were restricted from downloading a game and some players also facing the DLC aren’t registered. Today this we will be sharing the troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue.

How to Fix Error Code 2123-1502 – Nintendo Switch

Before proceeding, you should know that there could be multiple reasons including unstable internet connectivity.


Try to re-attempt to download it until it gets fixed.

  • Choose OK on the error dialogue box.
  • The next click continues, close the error and download it again.
  • That’s it!


it downloads again it shows a pop-up with the message “Downloading Data…”

Restart your Nintendo Switch Console

Try restarting your Nintendo and it will recompile and this might resolve the error.

  • Hold the Power Button three-times
  • Then, Choose Power Menu
  • Select Turn off and then Hold the Power button to turn the power ON.
  • That’s it!

Clear Cache

The cache does store in order to execute the program faster but sometimes it does conflict with the system because it gets corrupted. So by clear the cache it potentially resolves, before proceeding, you should be aware that by clearing the cache it will delete saved IDs, Password, Cookie, history and some website data.

  • Open Nintendo Switch Settings
  • Then, Scroll down a bit and choose the system
  • Next Click on the Formatting option by scrolling down a bit
  • Choose Reset Cache
  •  Check the checkbox for what you want to delete
  • That’s it!

Check your internet

Nintendo having in-build internet connection test functionality, sometimes due to this, the problem gets hard.

  • Open System settings and then head over to the internet
  • Choose Test Connection and it will start checking
  • That’s it!

If it is showing any error, try to fix it accordingly. Additionally, you can create a new internet connection or either switch your internet connectivity option.

Create a fresh internet connection using Wireless Connectivity.

  • Open settings
  • Then, click on the internet and go to internet settings
  • Choose your connectivity option from the list and Ensure that within the network.
  • That’s it!

 Use Secondary DNS

If you are still having the same problem… then try to use secondary DNS instead of your default DNS. Follow the following instruction mentioned won below.

  • Open Settings and then head over to the internet
  • Go to your Internet settings and then choose your network
  • Click on change settings appear under Registered Network
  • Next, select DNS settings and click on Manual
  • Select Primary DNS and then press and hold the B Button to remove the DNS
  • Enter as primary and enter as secondary
  • Click OK to confirm your action.
  • That’s it!

If you still having the same issue then you have to wait until Nintendo release the patch update. However, Nintendo hadn’t shared any timeline or release any press statement yet. Hopefully, we believe that this article remains helpful for you and have successfully resolved the Nintendo switch Error Code 2123-1502. If there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.