Samsung has started rolling out its Android 14-based One UI 6 to eligible Galaxy smartphones. With the new UI, the company has also updated its stock applications, including Samsung’s experimental app Good Lock. This app allows users to customize and enhance the functionality of their devices. It is a significant update for Galaxy devices, as it had to be adapted to work on the upgraded OS due to the deep integration of Good Lock.

Good Lock is the ultimate personalization tool for Samsung devices, allowing various customization aspects such as notifications, multitasking, lock screen, wallpaper, keyboard, themes, and more.

The latest customization options have been added to some apps with the One UI 6 update, and updates have also been released for the HomeUp and Penstatics Good Lock apps on the Galaxy Store.

Good Lock Updated with One UI 6

It comes with many add-ons that help users with personalized customization and productivity. With One UI 6, more features have been added. Users can download Good Lock from the Galaxy Store and update all the modules by heading to the Update section. The company attributes this to various reasons, including the ever-changing Android OS, which has become increasingly complex, and the growing number of users.

When you launch Good Lock, you will have a landing page to view all the necessary plugins and add the modules accordingly. There are no significant visual changes, but the performance has been improved by fixing issues and optimizing.

All the significant customizations can only be done with plugins and modules, each listed on the Galaxy Store and Good Lock app. The update does not add new customization options expected to arrive at Good Lock. Additionally, with this update, Good Lock can now help users with easier plugin installation.

Download the Good Lock app.

There are more Good Lock modules that come with OneUI 6. However, the availability of some Good Lock modules has been limited to select markets for many years, and it is expected to be available in more countries.

All these modules are still available as separate apps. You can search and download the modules from the Galaxy Store instead of Good Lock if you wish. Customize the look and feel of the device’s software, and they will be expanding to more new countries.

  • Home UP
  • Fantastic
  • LockStar
  • Multistar
  • ClockFace
  • Quick Star
  • Nice Shot
  • Game Booster
  • Kids Cafe
  • Edge lighting
  • Sound Assistant
  • Wonderland
  • Theme Park
  • Noice Shot
  • NotiStar
  • Edge Touch
  • NiceCatch
  • Routine+
  • One-Hand Operation+
  • Camera Assistant
  • RegiStar

You can download the latest updates from within Good Lock by tapping the update button next to each plugin or app or through the update section of the Galaxy Store. Modules will be directly accessible from within the OS’s native settings app. Samsung Good Guardians also get support for Android 14 and One UI 6, which offer Thermal Guardian and Battery Tracker designed to safeguard the device’s integrity. These features warn when the battery is damaged, or the device is hotter than usual.

Good Lock 2023 Update for One UI 6.1

The company has announced Good Lock 6.0. Ahead of Android 14-based One UI 6.1, the company revealed some significant updates. This will enable users to customize the Game Booster feature, which is preloaded on all Samsung devices and tablets.

  • Game Booster: It is designed to enhance your gameplay experience with performance and battery life optimization, reduce distractions from notifications as you play, and more.

Next year, on January 18, the announcement of the Galaxy S24 and One UI 6.1 is expected.