Apple had launched a smart tag named Air tag as this tag is designed for tracking purposes along with Apple Security. But, the main highlight of the tag is its developer mode because without accessing the developer mode. This feature seems to be quite useful in order to get enhance user experience with Apple’s AirTags.

Moreover, some Apple users are not aware of many decent features because all features are part of developer mode. Today in this article we are going to share how you can enable developer mode in Apple AirTag step by step instruction mentioned down below.

How you can Enable Apple’s AirTags Hidden Developer Menu

before proceeding let’s take a closer look toward all new Apple AirTags. Apple AirTags is an in-built Speaker to alarm to locate the accessories connected

with the AirTag. However, we can also ask ‘SIRI’ to do the same thing. Although, If Airtag is lost or stolen, it can be tracked by Find my network. For which AirTag marks a location on the map. We can track it with any other device; moreover, AirTags also have a lost mode feature.

What is Developer option in Apple AirTag’s

Developer options gives you more in-depth details and allow you to make further adjusments.

  • Dots: It indicate the direction of your AirTags attached to, where with the developer mode you can adjust accordingly between 4 to 100.
  • Eco Mode: With this you can use lower resolution AR to save some battery.
  • H (Hue): It changes the color of AirTag’s Precision User-interface.
  • S (Saturation): With slider of Saturation you can increase or decrease the saturation of Airtags UI.
  • Σ (Sum);  This used for camera blur adjustments.
  • A: Mixed with View.
  • Proximity Mode and Interactive Mode:  It allow you to switch between your both these.

Enable Apple’s hidden AirTags Developer mode using Find My App

Apple do include a secrets developer menu which you can enable directly from Find My App on your iPhone. So, if you wonder how you can enable this here is the described instruction mentioned down below.

How to turn on AirTag’s Developer Menu

Suppose we enable the developer mode in Apple Airtag. Then, it has a correct finding interface and shows a piece of real-time information. Moreover, there are some other features of AirTag such as accelerometer and gyroscope coordinates, haptic feedback, Device tracking animation, and many more. So, To get developer mode enabled, Use the below-given steps.

  • Launch Find My App on your iPhone
  • Click on Item appear on the bottom of the device in the navigation bar.
  • Then, Choose your AirTags from the extended menu.
  • Next, Click on Find Nearby button and then continous x5 tab on AirTag Name.
  • Your developer mode is been enabled, There you can see mutliple indiciatior and adjumsnets options such as Battery Saver, Precious dot animation, Background color and such more.
  • That’s!

This feature allows you to automatically get connected and will send you a notification on its respective User’s iPhone that enables him to track the device connected with AirTag.

Moreover, Apple also disclosed the price of Airtag that is around 29$. However, based on its accuracy. Few of the users also tag them as the smart tag. For Airtag, Apple has installed a U1 chip in Airtags. That increases the tracking ability indoors as well as outdoors.