When we purchase a new smartphone, the majority of companies include a charger alongside the headphones. However, some companies are extremely environmentally conscious, which is why they do not include a charger with the phone. Apple smartphones are the market leaders, and the company has stated that it will not include headphones or chargers with the phone. However, many users believe that Apple may include a charger with the latest iPhone 13 series.

However, as is customary, Apple includes only the Sim Ejector Tool, a few manuals, and the phone. Although the iPhone 13 Series is the most advanced in Apple’s history, Apple continues to not include a charger or handset with any iPhone. As such, we’ll discuss Apple’s continued refusal to include a charger and headphones in this article: iPhone 13 Series Unboxing Revealed!

continues to omit chargers and headphones from the iPhone: iPhone 13 Series Unboxing.

Courtesy: scanpix.no/ SWNS

While a charger is the most critical component for charging any electronic device, some technology companies are opting out of offering chargers in an effort to conserve the environment. Apple is the most prominent example, having discontinued chargers with their latest iPhone models. However, the most advanced iPhone 13 Series, with a 120Hz display, does not include chargers or headphones.

Meanwhile, users interested in purchasing the latest iPhone 13 Series in any configuration should be prepared to purchase a charger from a third-party seller. Because this cutting-edge iPhone is devoid of a charger. Apple stated that chargers and headphones add to the overall cost of the phone and can pollute the environment in certain circumstances. Additionally, we can state that Apple does not sell chargers or headphones for the iPhone 13 model.