macOS has a Significant feature that lets you open your laptop and get access to data without any password. This feature is known as Automatic login, which is merely introduced to ease the user. However, the Mac aims to provide ease and user-friendly support, but some specific conditions are neglecting it.

Meanwhile, If you are a single personal user doing work from home, there is less chance of your data being leaked. But, if we consider the same thing on the company’s laptop, all essential company-based documents are stored. Then, the company’s privacy policies might be leaked. For those, it is highly needed to disable that automatic login feature.

How to Disable MacOS Automatic Login Feature

As the Mac introduced Automatic login to ease the users. But, later on, it was found that it could harm company-based laptops. Although they are equipped with complete security, there is always a risk. For so, such user types raised a query to disable that automatic login feature. Because they do not know how to disable it, below are some instructions you must follow.

  • On your Mac, Navigate to System & Preferences.
  • Next, click on Users & Groups
  • Turn Off the option “Automatic Login”.
  • That’s it, and Automatic Login will be disabled.

Besides that, You can follow the same steps for enabling the Automatic login feature. Aside from disabling Automatic login, you must prepare a password-protection policy. Specifically, Every Employee should recheck and Sign off when leaving the office. Meanwhile, Such kind of precautions will provide an extra layer of protection.

Conclusively, These are easy procedures to disable automatic log-in features over your Mac. We have even explained the complete process with brief content. If still, any user has queries, then feel free to ask them in the comment section down below.