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The smartphone camera has improved but isn’t capable of so much.

Advertisements The smartphone camera has improved over the last few years. Here’s why it’s not capable of so much? All the cameras have the same way of working. When the…

Explained, Robotics- AI - and Machine Learning

Best AI writing tools

Advertisements With all the advancements in artificial channel intelligence, especially after the introduction of ChatGPT, if you’ve been looking for a writing tool that can assist you with writing, then…


Why Garmin HRV Leaves Apple, Samsung, and Google in the Dust

Did you know that surveys show that overstraining affects up to 60% of athletes, often due to inappropriate training plans? Fortunately, to overcome such downsides a new metric has arrived…

crDroid, Explained

What happens if your UPI account remains inactive for over a year?

UPI is an instant, real-time payment system that intermediates your account and the recipient. Formerly called the Unified Payment Interface, it is a game changer for India. Since its launch…

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