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India Bans Betting App Promotion

Advertisements With the accessibility of smartphones and cheap internet, it has accelerated a boom in online gambling and betting apps in India. Specifically, cricket is a major driver, with fans…

Explained, Google

When will Google I/O 2024 likely to happen?

Advertisements Google I/O means input/output, which was formerly Google’s biggest developer conference. It is a crucial event for Google, where they unveil their latest advancements in software, hardware, and, of…


Florida bans social media for under 14s from 2025, existing accounts to be removed.

Gen Z and younger Millennials are digital natives, meaning they have access to the internet and social media from a young age. It seems to be ingrained in their daily…


Why OnePlus Fans are disappointing

Recall those days when OnePlus was dominating the tech world, as it is the only company that defied the odds with flagship killers offering premium specs at mid-range prices. But…

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