Brave browser is the world’s leading and only private browser that people love downloading. That’s why, apart from Brave Browser; you will find Brave Browser download phrases more than any other. This title is well deserved since, in today’s internet-threatening environment; such a browser gives us peace of mind that no one will cheat on us. 

Besides its core aim, Brave Browser looks at things from different angles and tries to avoid adding new things to the browser in the form of updates. Brave browser recently announced vertical tabs on their official blog. By doing this, they said people could manage tabs more easily and do whatever they want. So, today we will discuss Vertical Tab.

The brave browser adds support for vertical tabs for desktop users.

There were already a lot of features and capabilities in the Brave Browser before Vertical Tab was added. No one can imagine such depth, I think. A few browsers have already added such a feature, but it is also true that there will be issues with hacking. Now, Brave Browser has launched a vertical tab feature with which you can have more space on the same screen.

Brave Browser adds support for vertical tabs for desktop users

You might be wondering how the Brave Browser Vertical tab can offer more space on the same screen. So note that when you switch to Vertical tabs, the existing tabs placed horizontally will relocate as vertically stacked. All those tabs will shift to the screen’s left side so you can easily scroll through them. The screen will likely be more spacious if the tabs shift to the left.

After being tested in a long beta phase, the newly added vertical tab is available via Brave Browser’s new desktop update, v1.52. You can download this update manually or automatically. I recommend you do it automatically because the v1.52 is currently available and easy to find. So, to update it to that version, you can update it via the Microsoft Store; if you don’t know how to, follow the steps below.

Brave Browser adds support for vertical tabs for desktop users
  • On your PC, open the Microsoft Store.
  • Search for Brave Browser there.
  • On the next screen, click on the update button.
  • As a result, the new update starts downloading and installing on your PC.
  • The new Brave Browser v1.52 will be available in a few minutes.

Now you have the required Brave Browser update with the Vertical tabs feature. The next step is to learn how to use this feature. To use this, simply open your updated Brave Browser >> Head to Settings >> Appearance >> Enable Sidebar. This Sidebar lets you quickly access your reading lists, bookmarks, and other relevant things. After that, right-click on any tab and select the Use Vertical tab to shift all tabs vertically stacked.

How to enable Vertical Tabs in Brave Browser

Brave Browser adds support for vertical tabs for desktop users
  • Open Brave Settings, and then head over to Appearance.
  • From there, Scroll to find Tabs.
  • From there, Toggle to enable “Use Vertical Tabs.”
  • That’s it.

After enabling, you can customize the Vertical tabs with two customization options “Show Title Bar,” and “Expand Vertical tabs panel on mouseover when collapse”, which will save space and expand tabs on the server.

To wrap up things, Vertical tabs were added to the Brave browser for more space over the existing screen, to identify open tabs more easily, and many more things. Surprisingly, we can customize that tab with our personalized view. So don’t get any delay. Be straight towards Brave Browser Desktop v1.52 and enjoy it. Apart from that, You can experience Brave on your Android and iOS devices too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you get vertical tabs in Brave?

Ans. Install the Brave Browser v1.52 and enjoy the Vertical tabs.

Q2. Are vertical tabs better?

Ans. If you got bored with the existing Desktop layout, Vertical tabs seem better as they offer more screen space.

Q3. Do open tabs affect RAM?

Ans. Of course, the more your open tabs, the resultants will consume more RAM. 

Q4. Is Brave an extension of Chrome?

Ans. No, Brave is a separate web browser but yes, similar to Chrome, you can add on extensions.