Zooming into the specific part of the video was not available on YouTube; it has been missing for a long time. It comes in handy if we want to take a closer look at something; this is something Google has been working on YouTube.

YouTube’s recent experiments now allow users to zoom into the specific part of videos. Nevertheless, it has a limitation, Where YouTube only allows for pinching into a video up to the Full width of a taller (18:9, 19.5:9, 20:9).

However, this feature is currently in the initial phase of testing. This feature is not available to everyone, and only Premium members can use this feature as of now. It might be possible for google to scrap this or will rollout later to everyone. The YouTube Video Zoom feature will be available until September 1st.

 YouTube “Pinch to Zoom”

Users need to enable this feature from the YouTube experiment section.

   YouTube’s experimental features | Enable Pinch to Zoom

  • Open YouTube Settings.
  • Go to Try the new feature.
  • Click on Try it out, To enable this feature.
  • It takes some time, But within 10 minutes, less or more, it will be enabled.

After enabling this, you can use by Pinch the video player with two fingers to zoom in and out. YouTube collects the user’s feedback before rolling it out to everyone, and you can zoom in on video at up to 8x.

How to use: Pinch the video player with two fingers to zoom in and out.

It seems very useful for students, To zoom in on video for a bit of text. Else, for anyone who wants to get small details. Not to mention. Zoom into the video will not be as crisp and clear at his time, but we can be expected google to optimize it more for a better result in the future.