Whenever we want to watch YouTube videos without ads, we always navigate to YouTube Vanced. It is a modded version of YouTube where it offers a premium on-demand video experience without any cost. The service was free, and giving all premium services was the main reason users switched to YouTube Vanced instead of YouTube Premium.

However, YouTube Vanced got exposure and engaged numerous new users. Suddenly, Google sent a cease and desist letter to them. As a modded version or third-party medium, it offers the YouTube Premium Plan. As a result, Vanced has officially declared that they are discontinuing their service. So, below we are sharing the five best alternatives that can replace YouTube Vanced.

Top 5 YouTube Vanced alternatives

YouTube Vanced has a similar user interface and features to the original YouTube App.Furthermore, all of that was a completely ad-free experience. For this reason, many users are switching from YouTube Premium to Vanced. But, after a long argument, Google finally succeeded in shutting down such a YouTube clone. Unfortunately, using Vanced from a long-time addicted user with its premium features,

However, they have now declared that the service will be discontinued. The users are looking for other great alternatives. However, they said a device already installed on Vanced could run it for a year. Still, users are looking for the best alternatives to offer the same service as YouTube Vanced. Luckily, we got some and are trying to explain them below.

Vanced Extended

As the name suggests, Vanced Extended is an extended part of the existing YouTube Vanced project. The exciting thing is that Vanced Extended is under the supervision of a new team. So that you’ll get all the latest YouTube releases as an extended part of it. Vanced Extended is an alternative with a minimal difference compared to Vanced.

Vanced Extended has the same thing: easy to use, no ads, good account support, and more. The special thing is that here you get some additional features that were not in Vanced. However, it has a few minor bugs, but that is okay; at least we are getting Vanced back with some extended stuff.

   Download Vanced Extended


When YouTube Vanced officially declared that they were shutting down. A new team of developers formed and developed an app that offers the same UI as the Genuine YouTube App. The best part is that the Revanced app works independently from the Vanced Project. So, there might be no chances in future to get it to shut down.

However, Revanced is in its early stages, but still, here, you will get background playback, Free Source, No ads and an Option to disable the create button. Moreover, Revanced gets more updates once it is established in the domain. Overall, the best alternative that you can try, especially after Vanced Shut down.

   Download YouTube ReVanced


Like YouTube, GoTube is one of the alternatives that might replace Vanced. Here, you’ll get a blue-coloured theme that looks awesome and is somewhat similar to YouTube. Like the above alternative, it does not show ads, Google Account Support, and the same UI as YouTube. Everything is fine with this app.

The only downside that tenses us is its lack of selected features. GoTube does not feature YouTube Shorts, bell icon, or Picture-In-Picture Support. So, if you are okay with such limitations and benefits, go through with GoTube and download it through the link below.

Developer: GoTube Studio
Price: To be announced

Brave Browser

It is not a dedicated application similar to YouTube Vanced. But, it can be the best alternative to it. Indeed, it is a browser where you get a completely ad-free experience. So that, You can YouTube on a brave browser and can run YouTube without facing any ads. And that looks quite similar to Vanced; at least it fulfils your need to see YouTube Content without any ad.

Moreover, The brave browser supports Google Account Sign-In. It is available on multiple Android, iOS, macOS and Windows platforms. So, You don’t need to worry about such aspects and can efficiently run YouTube without ads on this browser. So, if you are satisfied with running a YouTube ad-free experience through a browser, then go for it.

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser

YouTube Premium

The best and most reliable alternative to YouTube Vanced is YouTube Premium. Although, it requires you to spend some amount. But, if you are crazy about the ad-free experience, that amount does not matter to you. On YouTube Premium, you get all the premium things normal users do not get, like Ad-free content, Music download, offline experience and more.

Concisely, YouTube Premium is an official way to remove ads from YouTube videos. You can get such a service by spending just ₹129/month (Individual Account). Apart from them, Choose Family Plan (₹189/month), where you get a 1-month free trial, and add five family members above 13+ age. Overall, this is The best package you buy right now; below is a link to purchase it.

   Get YouTube Premium

Conclusively, First, We have mentioned the best alternative and accessible sources where you get YouTube content ad-free experience for free. Also, in the end, we have listed the official way, which is YouTube Premium (Paid alternative). Even explaining such an alternative, if any user has queries, ask them in the comment section below.