Hey, Tech Greeks. Google launched its Youtube Music Streaming Service in India. Sometimes it becomes one of the Most Popular Music Streaming Service around the Globe. 

Because of this application other Music Streaming Service like JioSaavn and Ganna Cuts there Annual Subscription Pack up to 70%. So, Let’s Know more about this application and Know Some Key points about this Application. 

We can’t Fortner Spotify because of it also one of the Most Popular Music Streaming Service. But The Music Available on Youtube is the Same on Youtube Music. However the Latest Release, Remi, Cover and Live Performance are accessible on Youtube Music But not on Spotify.

Also, You can Play Video as Well from Youtube Music app. This application is available on all leading Platforms. Even it has dedicated Web-Player.

it also Comes with the paid Subscription along Youtube. There Were two Categories Youtube Music and Youtube Premium. Which let you play Application Ads free, Background Play and Downloading Like Features.

They start basic planes of YouTube Music from Rs.99/- Month. Where Spotify Rs 119/- Month, a 299/- Year for JioSaavn and Ganna as Same.

No doubt India has the Cheapest 4G Internet Connection, Which Means it does not download the Future and Play Sone. Instead, most of the People are Going Toward Mobile Music Streaming Services. 

There is one Trick to Use Youtube Music Without Downloading Youtube Music. Open Youtube Music Website in your Chrome. Use the Youtube Music Website on Desktop Site. Go to Home Screen and Control Your Music from the Notification panel.

This is just a Simple Method and Worth it If you don’t want to Buy Premium Pack for Play a Music in Just Background. 

Google also Have its Google Play Music Which is just a Music Player But Having a Music to Stream. In future Google Play Music Will be Replaced by Youtube Music. 

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You can also able to play Songs from your Stored Music File in Future Updates as per reports. This is one feature Where Music Streaming Charge for this. Not to Mention but It also Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 


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