About 29% of the market is occupied by Xiaomi, one of the top smartphone brands in India. Initially, Xiaomi was able to enjoy a competitive environment in India. The reason is the hardware and software quality it delivers at a particular price point, which merely any other company can surpass. Any company can level up with Xiaomi in terms of cost, but I am sure they will compromise on quality.

As the leading executive in the market, Xiaomi cannot be compared with the industry giant Samsung. Nevertheless, Xiaomi is also doing great work; its Mi Note 10 and Mi 11 Ultra are great examples. In the same vein, Xiaomi has released a new product called the “Xiaomi 13 Pro”. They were released in India. Within a few hours, the product is sold out. For a better understanding of the device, let’s discuss it.

Xiaomi 13 Pro: A closer look at the camera, the contents of the box, and the specs

The Xiaomi 13 Pro was the subject of a lot of discussions before we wrote this article. Specs, camera quality, price benefit, and software-related factors have been considered. Based on this analysis, the device is decent as per the pricing. But it depends on each user how important things are to them. Like some want only a perfect camera, not hardcore software. But for a more in-depth look, below we are sharing a few things that will help you to decide whether it fits you or not.

In-Box Contains

At the time of Unbox, the first thing we will encounter is the In-box. The company has been rolling out phones without charging adapters since then. Therefore, whenever any user buys any phone, they look for that thing whether they are getting a charger or not. According to Xiaomi, the Xiaomi 13 Pro box contains a handset, 120W charger with USB-A port, 6-A rated cable, transparent case, and a SIM ejection tool. From that thing, one thing is clear: the phone comes with a charger.

Processing Strength

Another major consideration before purchasing a product is its specifications. This is the most dominant factor that determines how functional a phone is. According to the Xiaomi 13 Pro specs, the phone is perfect in terms of processing since it features a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. Besides processing, there are other factors such as network bands, screen DPi, and various sensors. All I personally feel down is the weight of the phone which is 229g. For more details, you can find the full specs here.

Displaying capabilities

The display is the most sensitive component of any Xiaomi phone. Since a low-capacity display can harm your phone as well as your health. And Xiaomi officials have taken a few steps to improve it. As per Xiaomi India, the device has 6.73 inches with 1440 x 3200 pixels and a 20:9 ratio. Apart from that, it has LTPO AMOLED 120HZ, 1200 nits capability. So that the display will take less power and offer a higher level of picture quality, pixels can be pushed a little more from a display perspective.

Camera and photo quality

If we talk about Camera Specs, Xiaomi 13 Pro has 50MP f1.9 with laser AF and OIS with 3.2x Zoom capability. In addition to 8K 24FPS support, it features popular Leica lenses and popular german camera companies (Leica and Xiaomi partnership benefits). These are things restricted to the back camera. The selfie camera is 32MP and supports 1080P at 30FPS. Apart from that, Telephoto, Ultra-wide, and similar basic things are available. The phone gives you the best quality photos regardless of the lighting conditions. I rate it 4.5 out of 5.

Connectivity and Sensor Response

The Xiaomi 13 Pro has numerous sensors and offers continuous connectivity. But as normal user, we only want the biometric system to be more advanced than before. All we want is for the response time to be shortened and for the work to be done more efficiently. The Xiaomi 13 Pro has an under-display optical fingerprint sensor. It has Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC, and Infrared capabilities, making its performance better than the previous Xiaomi Phone.

Performance and battery life

The Xiaomi 13 is equipped with an Octa-core 1×3.2 GHz Cortex-X3 CPU, Adreno 740 GPU, and MIUI 14. According to AnTuTu, Xiaomi 13 Pro scored 1281666 (v9) and 5087 (v5.1) on GeekBench. From these numbers, the performance is better than the previous Xiaomi Phone. Further, Xiaomi offers a lithium-ion battery of 4820mAh with 120W Wired charging that claims to reach 100% in 36 minutes, in addition to that. Apart from that, you can avail of 50W wireless and 10W reverse wireless charging.

Pricing and Variants

Buying a phone is one of the last things a buyer considers after checking its quality. According to Xiaomi India, the Xiaomi 13 series has only one variant in India, which is the Xiaomi 13 Pro. This device has a memory segregation of 8GB and 12GB. Pricing for the base variant starts at ₹79,999, that is for the 12GB/128GB variant. The other variant pricing and specifications have not yet been disclosed.

To conclude, from such analysis, Xiaomi 13 Pro is also a worthy smartphone; remember, it’s a flagship smartphone. Various things that users look at on their smartphones have been analyzed. On that basis, Xiaomi 13 Pro is a worthwhile device. So don’t wait, stay tuned for 10th March, the sale is starting at 12PM on the official Mi website. In fact, we have explained all the things needed to judge a phone is worth it or not. If any users still have questions, feel free to ask them all below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When will Xiaomi 13 go on sale?

Ans. It will be scheduled to go live on 10th March at 12PM.

Q2. What are the colors available for Xiaomi 13 Pro?

Ans. It is available to buy in ceramic white and ceramic black.

Q3. Which Xiaomi 13 series is available in India?

Ans. The Xiaomi 13 Pro with 12GB/256 GB variant is available to buy in India.

Q4. Is there any bank offer for Xiaomi 13 Pro?

Ans. An ICICI bank card can save you ₹10,000 on buying Xiaomi 13 Pro.