Microsoft aggressively working towards making their cloud services a lot of productivity, They introduced Window 365 which allow users to work on Cloud PCs. This allows us to continue work in any Scenario using any Web Browser.

This is not completely new but it’s the modern version of existing remote access and virtualization to PCs. Due to a peak in remote work, Microsoft puts PCs in a cloud with integration on Windows 356 for business attire.

This will be so flawless that it’s going to have instant-boot and it will allow users to continue work where you left off. Microsoft has scheduled to launch Windows 365 on August 2nd this year, however, we don’t have any

details about pricing.

There will be two different versions, where it includes Business and Enterprise. Under the hood you can choose 12 different configurations, the Cloud PCs will be powdered by a single CPU paired with 2GB of Ram with h 64/32/512GB memory configuration.

You can expect it would cost $30/ Month, wherewith under 10 minutes you can create your CLOUD PCs according to your preference. It seems quite amazing since you don’t require upgrading your old PCs instead for power-usages you can choose any Cloud PCs.