Microsoft recently releases its Windows 11 globally, where it comes with some significant improvements, and to optimize performance, and it is necessary to update Motherboard BIOS. This update is for both AMD and Intel. You can either upgrade through automatically-update enable or locally.

Hence Microsoft hasn’t officially released the stable version of Windows 11; Asus acknowledge and enable Hardware requirements with the latest version. ASUS formally has released its Windows 11 Motherboard BIOS update; follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

Update Asus Motherboard BIOS for Windows 11

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Before proceeding, check your Motherboard model because they have different firmware versions depending on your motherboard version. With updating, you can enable TPM or PSP fTPM by default.

Check Asus Motherboard Windows 11 Combability

They have officially confirmed that Intel 200-series and older version motherboard won’t be compatible and that it is not suggested to buy TPM 2.0 separately since it won’t work. However, you can check on their officially Forum.

Enable TPM from BIOS

  • Turn CPU power ON, and press Del after ROG Logo appear, then it will enter into BIOS
  • After that, Head over to Advance
  • Go to PCH-FW configuration and click on PTT to expand the menu option
  • Choose Enable, and from there, you can enable TPTT; confirm your action by clicking on Ok within the prompt dialogue box.
  • That’s it

We believe this article remains helpful for you and have successfully enabled TPM and have downloaded and updated BIOS on your computer. For further query share with us in the comment section down below.