If you have ever wondered if Linux is a better option for Windows users who are familiar with the operating system and do not want to pay for Windows just to remove the watermark and access customization features, you may want to consider Linux Mint. Many users are concerned about their privacy and do not want Microsoft to collect their data. Linux Mint offers a user-friendly experience that is similar to the Windows platform and does not have a steep learning curve for new users.

Things to Know Before Switching to Linux Mint

When searching for Linux Mint, you will find three different versions, officially called flavors: Cinnamon, Mate, and XFCE. Cinnamon offers the most features built right into the system, while Mate has fewer features but is faster and more stable. XFCE is the lightest of the three options. Without much consideration, Cinnamon is the best choice for users who want stability and a user-friendly interface. It is especially good for those who prefer an older style interface and have the following Mint requirements:

  • 2GB of RAM (4GB is recommended)
  • 200GB of disk space (100GB is recommended)
  • 1020×768 resolution

Linux is recommended for optimal performance and can be a great choice for giving a new life to an older PC or running smoothly on modern computers. The installation process is similar to Windows, as you just need to create a bootable USB and follow the instructions during setup.
Once you have completed the setup of Linux Mint, you may find that it is more stable than Windows. This is partly due to the fact that there are fewer malware threats written for Linux compared to those that target Windows systems in the wild.

By default, Linux does not give users the same permissions as Windows to freely access and modify the file system. However, the update cycle for Linux Mint tends to be more conservative, which means that updates are less likely to cause problems on your system, especially if you use the Mate or XFCE flavors. New hardware or software may not work as intended if you are an early adopter, but for most users this should not be an issue, especially if you use Flatpak. In addition to stability, Linux Mint has excellent usability and supports all major audio and video formats. To ensure that the relevant codecs are automatically installed during the setup process, be sure to check the relevant boxes during the installation of Linux Mint.

Linux Mint also comes with a well-regarded software manager that allows you to download software from a repository similar to the Microsoft Store. You can find popular programs such as Blender, Steam, Skype, and others. Linux Mint has a lot of customization options and even if you do not make any changes, it looks similar to the Windows operating system, including the start menu and taskbar, which makes it easier for users switching from Windows to Linux.

Gaming is also durable on Linux Mint as Steam has a lot of games to play and the Steam driver manager takes care of installing the latest drivers on your system. If you are considering Ubuntu, another free Linux distribution that is popular and friendly for beginners, it is worth noting that Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. However, there are a few quirks, as it is not as similar to Windows as Linux Mint has become. Additionally, Ubuntu’s parent company has been known to collect telemetry data, which has raised concerns about privacy.

Ubuntu also has a “walled garden” sort of software distribution platform called Snap downloads, which may take a little longer to run because it contains extra files compared to running on other Linux distributions. This means you have less control over what is downloaded to your PC. Snap downloads are also controlled by Canonical, the developer of Ubuntu, and some enthusiasts are concerned that Ubuntu may become a “walled garden” of sorts.

It is worth noting that Windows is not a bad operating system and is well-built and reliable. This is why Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. However, it is worth considering that Linux Mint does not collect user data, unlike Microsoft, which has faced criticism in recent years for its data collection practices.

We are not suggesting that you immediately ditch Windows, but it is important to remember that Linux Mint is fundamentally a different operating system and there are many programs that do not have Linux equivalents. To run Windows-specific programs, you may need to use compatibility layers or emulators like Wine, and performance can be a major concern even after these tools have undergone significant development and performance improvements. Although Linux has a impressive library of Linux-compatible games, many others do not work well with Linux Mint, especially when you try to install different launchers like EA Play (Origin). If there is a specific game that you want to play, be sure to check if it is compatible and if the anti-cheat software is still a problem.