We all know that Windows runs many background services where the Slui.exe has not been much recognizable since. Where it used to check the activation of the Windows 10 License. Microsoft used to sell Windows Copies to generate revenue. Today we are going to explain more about this in this article.

What is slui.exe in Windows?

It used to scan the activation of Windows Copies, where once you install the fresh version of Windows 10, you have 30 days of free trial and control the feature, which is exclusive for activate windows users.

There were many users who have used the Cracks and Patch to activate the Windows, where it is illegal and considered Piracy. Therefore, It used to protect the Windows from attempting to active windows without a license. Additionally, it was a startup which is an automatic startup, and it randomly scans and checks the Windows License whether you are using the legal version or not. It is found that you are not using activated windows, and it starts to promote activate your Windows and lock customization and other features based on the licensing terms.

Is slui.exe a safe Windows process?

As we have mentioned, Microsoft has pre-installed the slui.exe file process in Windows, so it safe, and if you have activated it through a third-party activator, your system might be affected by malware. Most likely, those files contain malware that can easily share data with them directly from your system.

To check if the Slui.exe is running on Windows or not, open the task manager and then click on the Details tab. Look for Slui.exe and then Right-click to open the drop-down menu. Click on “Open File Locations.” The Location of the file should be open in the following address C:\Windows\System32, and it doesn’t open there, then your system might be affected by any malware. To remove the malware, use any premium or trusted antivirus program.

How do I activate the license key or change it using slui.exe?

In order to activate Windows, you need to activate slui.exe by changing the activation key. Windows can be activated using two different methods, so here are the descriptions of both.

Activate Windows License Key by Run Dialog box

  • Open Windows Run dialogue box
    • Use Windows + R to open.
  • Enter, slui.exe and then it will ask you to enter a product key.
  • Now, Enter the Product key to active and then click on Activate.
  • That’s it.

Activate Windows license Key by Windows Settings

  • Open Windows Settings
    • Shortcut Key: Windows + X
  • Then, Click on Update & Settings
  • Navigate to the left-Sidebar, Click on Activation
  • There are two different Scenario
    • Trial Period Over
      • If your trial period is over, then enter the license key to activate the copy of Window
    • Already Activated Windows
      • You will see the Change Product Key option. Click on it to activate another License Key
  • That’s it.

How to Remove Slui.exe

It is an essential service, require to run in the background. If Windows find this service missing, then your Windows might stop working. Although, if you want to remove the file, then here is the following method mentioned below but keep the caution in mind before proceeding.

  • Open Windows Settings
    • Shortcut Key: Use Windows + I
  • Then, Click on App and Feature
    • Appear on the left-sidebar of the Screen
  • Next, Look for Slui.exe or Windows-aktiveringsklient
    • You can use the search bar to check these file
  • Now, once you find uninstall and it will be removed from your computer

Therefore, if you haven’t found this file, then check the slui.exe_uninstall.exe and run it to uninstall from your computer.

Hopefully, you find this guide helpful, and now you know what is Slui.exe and what it’s task. For further query share with us in the comment section down below.