Riot Games’ popular title “League of Legends” launched in 2009 as a multiplayer online battle arena game. There are numerous terms you have heard. Inting is a hidden term that is still Unknown to most LoL Players. However, Inting does not originate from League of Legends. But, Somewhere connected to Riot games and titles.

Specifically, Inting means “Intentional Feeding”, An activity When a player purposely loses the game for an entire team. For so, the opponent team feels an extensive experience. Interestingly, It decreases the chances for the opponent team to win the battle. Also, there are many things included with Inting. So, let’s take a look below and learn more about it. 

What does Inting Mean in League of Legends?

The Word Inting has no proper starting point. But, LoL’s Huge Competition might introduce Inting to cope with their ranking system as those rankings involve an emotional touch that connects feelings with the game. But, When a player loses such emotions and feeling, the word tilt and Inting comes ahead. It was initially Int, but as the pro players used Inting meant dying willingly. The Int word shifted to Intentionally feeding.

Inting is a concept that the opponent feels he will win the battle. But, In reality, the player doing inting has a strategy for such a team. We have said above, Inting is intentional feeding. However, It is just an option term to use under LoL. But, some in-game bodies are supporting players to do Inting. As a result, this misconception disturbed the Riot games business model and influenced negative thoughts in players’ minds.

The Inting was a regular feature under LoL, but it was boosted when Tyler 1, like popular streamers, supported it through their Twitch Streaming. Although Tyler1 was a challenger level ADC to promote Inting, he does such activities as Streaming. For this reason, the players who follow Tyler1 as an idol also do the same thing. However, Riot games banned Tyler1 for such things. But, later, he reformed himself and reduced his toxicity for Inting.

How to Int in League of Legends?

Inting is an act of deliberately dying in front of the opponent team. So, there is no definite way to Int. However, you can take multiple actions as a reference to Int. Like Enforcely going in front of enemies and, on the other hand, not using weapons to kill others. Instead, You are doing foolish activities like killing yourself. So, In such a way, you can Int in League of Legends.

How can I Prevent from Inting?

Well, No one can prevent from Inting. But, some valuable points might help you to stay away from such toxic things. Because It is a negative thing that sometimes forces professional players to Int, but, Assumes if someone is inting, then you must note to be his friend. Following this, it will build an emotion that might be enforced Inting the player to not Int against you. 

Either, You can directly report to Riot games. However, if you feel too Int in LoL, keep calm and try to play again. Following this, Your mind will be fresh, resulting in a better chance of victory. Additionally, there are some more things like always thinking positive in front of such toxic activities. 

Besides that, the term Soft Inting has the same meaning as Inting. But, here, the player’s intention to defeat is more smooth. Apart from that, Inting is a term influenced by popular streamers. You must be aware of such players and be kind to them. If it does not work, step ahead to riot games and report them.