Call of duty mobile has already comprised various In-game rewards and achievements. But, if we move on to Gun Master Medal then, it may be somewhere difficult to achieve. Because most of the users are unaware that the COD Mobile Gun Master medal need some requirements to achieve. Also, there is some rare information disclosed about this Medal.

Meanwhile, there is no definite key information about Gun Master Medal. With this, various COD Mobile Users are inquiring about How to get a Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile. To do this, we have researched for the exact information about it. So, In this article, we will discuss What are the Requirements to achieve the Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile.

What are the Requirements to achieve Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile


are almost 85 medals in COD Mobile from which 42 can be achieved in Multiplayer mode and the Rest 27 can be earned in Battle Royale mode. And, Gun Master Medal is the Battle royale inclusive medal which can be get by fulfilling some specific tasks.

But, Before knowing the requirements to achieve Gun Master Medal, You need to know about what Gun Master Medal exactly. So, As per official information, Gun Master Medal is mainly a reward to players for their excellence and strength in killing enemies in COD Mobile. However, along with the Gun master medal, players will also get some exciting items with it.

If we talk about What exactly we have to do to achieve Gun Master Medal. Then, the player needs to secure a minimum of more than 8 kills in a Single Match of Battle Royale Mode. However, if you are facing any issue to do 8 kills minimum. Then, you can take the help of the below-given steps.

  • First, Prepare a Squad of your friends.

Note – You can also do this as a Solo, but it is recommended to go with the squad as it helps you to survive until the ending of the match.

  • Next, Choose the Battle Royale Map and Start the game.

Note – Ensure that you are not in Warfare Mode, otherwise you will not get this specific medal.

  • Then, Kill at least 8 enemies or more.
  • Hence, Play the match until the finish time and You will shortly get your Gun Master Medal.

Moreover, If any user is not able to fulfil the minimum 8 conditions. Then, they can also purchase this medal by spending some XP’s. However, XP’s can be earned by doing several missions and tasks.
Hopefully, we can now expect that you all guys have Accurate content about What are the Requirements to achieve the Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile. And, also well-known about exact information to achieve Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile Season 8. With Regards to this, If any user has any query share them with us in the comment section down below.