Activision conducted a survey that asked users to vote on the content they need to work out in COD Mobile. The majority of Call of Duty Mobile Users voted for a brand new battle royale map.

Since the game’s Release, the COD Mobile community has been requesting a replacement Battle Royale map. It is not officially Ensure that any new map for the battle royale game mode is coming. However, after Activision’s survey, it seems because the wait will probably be over with the arrival of “Verdansk” in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Warzone’s Verdansk May Soon Introduce in Call of Duty Mobile

A Social media Post by ModernWarzone shows Activision’s latest survey asking Users to vote for a brand new Battle Royale map. The map may probably introduce Such as “Verdansk” Enroll from COD: Warzone and Eclipse Enroll from COD: Black Ops 4. this means that Activision wants to include these famous maps its heavy titles into Call of Duty Mobile.

Earlier, Activision left the Zombie mode from the call of duty mobile. Since then, Users are keenly looking ahead to the developer to re-release the fan-favorite Zombie mode. This survey brings excellent news for the Zombie Mode fans, too, as it was also suggested to add Co-op Zombie mode in the game. However, Activision already incorporates a mobile battle royale game; it’s safe to assume that if Warzone ever involves mobile, it’ll be a unique game.

Likely, The followers will have to wait more time for COD Warzone mobile if it’s indeed in development. In the meantime, Activision is clearly trying to feature more Warzone-like features to Call of Duty: Mobile. And Probably, the Warzone Verdansk map is likely to have Come in the game.

So, we hope that you have correctly analyzed the COD Mobile Next Map. And, also well-known about “Warzone’s Verdansk can be the Next Map in COD Mobile.