Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular games across the globe. The player has recently reported about the COD Warzone Flickering issue, not to mention that the game is well optimized. If you are a victim of these errors, then today, we guide you to fix the error with this troubleshooting; follow the following instruction mention down below.

How To Fix Warzone Flickering Issues

Activision’s is one of the biggest Studio for Battle Royal game, and their first game was Call of Duty: Blackout. If you have encountered any error, you can either wait for the patch update to resolve your game’s glitch and glitches.

Before the procedure, use Alt + Tab Key to check it could fix the flickering issue.

  • It used to load windows, press Alt + Tab at the same tie
  • Then, check if this resolves the error.

In case this above mention didn’t work, check the following troubleshooting method. So without further ado, let’s check this out.

Restart your Game and Device

This is the first thing you should always do, restarting most of the time fix the bug and glitches. Re-Compiling potentially fix the error. However, it mostly occurs because of an unfinished task in the background, so restarting your game/ device helps the system clear your RAM cache.

Update your Driver

A driver is responsible for executing the program, so updating your Drivers can easily solve the flickering issue. There are two major ways to update your driver, and you can either download and install the update from the manufacture support website. Additionally, you can use any third-party driver update, such as Driver booster, which automatically scans for an outdated and missing driver then you can update it from the software itself.

Change Mini Map Shape to Fix Flickering Issue

If you have seen the Minimap flickering, then we suggested you choose Square Mini-Map most likely. It will fix the flickering issue with your Mini-Map. Follow the following guide to change Mini Map from the COD Warzone.

  • Open Options
    • Menu, Appear on the bottom of the screen.
  • Then click on General and then Head over to the HUD
  • From there, Select the Mini Map to Square
  • That’s it.

Check if the Mini Map flickering has been resolved. If not, follow the upcoming instruction mention down below.

Reinstall Shaders & Clear Cache

To solve the flickering issue, you can clear the cache and reinstall the Shaders. Check the following quick guide mention down below.

  • Click on Option
    • Menu, placed on the bottom of the Warzone screen
  • Select Graphics and from there, Click on Restart Shader Installation.
  • After that, Click on Restart
    • It takes some time. Wait until it finishes reinstalling the Shades.
  • Quit the Blizzard
  • Then, Press and Hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously.
    • Which will open the Task Manager
  • Head over to the Processes Tab and then look for
  • Click on it and then Right-Click on it to open the down-down menu.
  • Choose End Task and then Open Windows Run Dialog Box.
    • Use Windows + R to open Run Dialog Box.
  • Enter, %programdata% and Hit Enter.
  • Check for the Warzone app data folder and Permanently remove the Blizzard Entertainment folder.
  • That’s it; restart your and Check the game.

Change NVIDIA Settings to Fix the Flickering issue

Minor Tweaks on your Driver Card settings can help to resolve the flickering issue. Here is the instruction to follow.

  • Right-Click on Black space of Windows Home screen
  • Then, Choose NVIDIA Control Panel and Select Manage 3D Settings
  • Next, Click on Manage 3D settings
    • Navigate to left-panel
  • Search for Antialiasing Mode and Then Toggle to disable the Antialiasing
  • Navigate to Left-Panel to adjust Desktop Color Settings
    • Also, if the settings are not on the default
      • Then, Make the Settings to Default
  • Restart your Computer and then Re-Check if the game is still flickering or resolved.

Hopefully, this guide helps you resolve the Flickering issue, and We know it’s so frustrating when the game shows these errors. Additionally, Activision likely to acknowledge these issue and release the update to fix this. For Further Query, please Share with us in the comment section down below.