Whenever we want to transfer files from our phone to a PC, we use USB. Similarly, some Vivo Y10 users try connecting their phones to a PC. But, there are many issues with it. As you know, Vivo Y10 is one of the budget-friendly smartphones that have a decent hardware configuration at just ₹12,490.

Moreover, Everything is working well, including the processor, camera, display, and other components. But, when a user tries to connect it to a PC using a USB cable. It does not show the connected device on the PC. For this reason, Vivo Y10 users are feeling disappointed. Keeping that in mind, below are some common fixes you must try.

How to fix Vivo Y10 not connect to PC using USB

Listening to that concern, it seems the device has some issue with the USB port or cable. Also, there might be some software issues, but the foremost one is physical faults such as damaged USB ports or cables. Meanwhile, numerous possible reasons force Vivo Y10 to not connect with a PC.

Luckily, we are on the same research and found some fixes that you can. As we said, there are many reasons. It means you can try numerous fixes. But, among them, we have shortlisted some fixes that surely solve your Vivo Y10 problem. So, let’s move on and learn more about it without delay.

Ensure to Check USB Cable.

You are trying to connect the Vivo Y10 to a PC via USB cable. It means here that a USB cable plays an essential role in transferring files. So, if there are any discrepancies with the USB cable, like a faulty cable, it would not connect to the PC. For so, make sure to check the USB cable; if found damaged, then replace it.

Select the files option when connected

Sometimes when you connect your Vivo Y10 with Pc. It shows connection status, and also your phone starts charging. It happens because you connect your phone for power medium purposes. But, one more option allows a PC to access your stored files. If so, I have not authorized the PC to access such files. It seems that the Vivo Y10 is not connected to the PC. So, Plug the USB into the Phone and PC. On the phone’s notification panel, enable the files tab.

USB Port damaged

Suppose you do not fix the Vivo Y10 USB connectivity issue with the above-listed fixes. Then, make sure to check your phone’s USB port. If your phone has a damaged USB port, it will not connect easily as it is a hardware issue that needs to be changed immediately. For this reason, you can claim USB port replacement under warranty. Either take third-party repairing shops assistance.

Besides that, if you are still facing the issue, then update your phone’s software to the latest one. Either raise a query over Vivo’s official Support page. But, indeed, your Vivo Y10 not connecting issue will be fixed by the above-listed solutions. However, we have briefly explained all the fixes. If still, any user has queries, then feel free to ask them in the comment section down below.