The Upcoming Mainstream Connectivity is about the 5G and Still there are a lot of Countries are Waiting for 5G. Indeed, Telecom Companies are Testing and Figuring out to Provide a Mainstream 5G Connectivity in India.

The Tech-Giant Vivo Start Working on the 6G Technology. Where the Vivo is Leading the 5G Market share in China, looking like they wanted to become the First Mobile Manufacture to Launch a 6G Smartphone in the Word.

At Vivo NEX 5G Event, Vivo Said.

6G Connectivity

“We are forging ahead into the more challenging and unknown field of 6G. Vivo is exploring R&D for 6G technology, participating in B5G/6G seminars initiated by the industry, and developing partnerships with universities regarding research on the upcoming 6G technology.”

Recently, Vivo patents a 6G Logo. Which look Interesting to See a Speed Four Stripes in the Character “6G”. Vivo’s R&D (Research and Development) of 6G Technology is in progress. While other Manufactures are looking forward to Participating in B5G/6G Technology. They Field a Patent for 6G Logo With EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) on October 22nd

Not to Mention, The Availability of 5G Connectivity around the World takes Some time and Usable for Mainstream. Therefore, The 6G Technology is Not Expected to Launch near Soon but Definitely Will be Beneficial for the future. Huawei Would not Launch the 6G Technology as well until 2030.

However, This 6G Technology Unlock a lot of Possibilities and We are Rapidly Moving Forwards in the Generation of Growing Data, AI Technologies and IoT Devices. 5G Technology allows 1GB/S Speed and would be Better Speed in 6G.

According to Some Reports, Samsung is also working on the 6G (Sixth Generation) Connectivity. Meanwhile, Vivo X30 Will be the Upcoming 5G Device and Vivo partnerships With Samsung to Bring a 5G-Integrated Soc Enable Smartphone.

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