Since its launch, Valorenthas become one of the hottest FPS games, setting multiple records since its launch. Recently, players have reported the Connection Error, Error Code Van-81. It is quite a common error that players encounter. It is likely that this occurs because of an unexpected server intrusion between the server and the player.

However, it is quite easy to resolve with a few tweaks. Not to mention, there are various reasons behind this error. We have mentioned a few of them in this article. Follow the following instructions to fix the Valorant Error Code Van 81 “Connection Error.”

Valorant Error Code: Van-81

The client asks you to restart your game in order to resolve the existing error by re-collecting the error logs and files in order to fix the problem. Because it’s just a connection error, which means Valorant isn’t able to establish a stable connection with the server, we’ll ignore it. I recommend you check your internet connection, or else, if the internet is good, just restart your PC to resolve this error.

Check Valorant Status

You may encounter the Valorous Error Code Van-81 due to DNS outages, scheduled maintenance, or any other outage. Check the server’s real-time status at RiotGames Status, or go to DownDectator, or istheservicedown.

If you find any service outages, wait for it to get back online. If there is no issue from the backend, check your internet or contact your ISP to find out your internet connection status. Don’t forget to check the internet connection and stability, because sometimes the internet is active, but because of the instability of intruppted internet, it could cause such an error code. Once both the host-side and the client-side connection get connected, you can continue playing the game.

Use Cloudfare or a VPN to play the game.

It might also be possible that your ISP blocked you from accessing the Riot Server, so just to check, you can switch your PC to encrypted mode. You can either use Clodfare or any VPN based on your preference. If you find this scenario, contact your ISP and ask them to unblock it. Alternately, you can also switch to a different network and check if you are able to join the game.

Vanguard and Valorant should be reinstalled.

Sometimes, for unknown reasons or as a result of a virus or corrupt file, your Valorant files are unable to be executed. For this, you can reinstall the Riot Vanguard or reinstall the Valorant.

Riot Vanguard must be uninstalled.

  • First, make sure you quit the Valorant and Exist the Vanguard from the System Tray.
  • Then open Windows Apps and remvoe from the settings.
  • Search for Vanguard, Click on the triple-dot menu that appears on the right-corner.
  • Select Unistall, and then continue to remove it.
  • Now, launch Valorant on your PC.
  • Once it is open, it will start installing the latest version of Vanguard on your PC.
  • There you go. That’s it!

Check Vanguard is set to run automatically.

  • Open the Windows Run dialogue box.
  • Type “service.msc” and hit enter.
  • Head over to the VFC service, and then right-click on it.
  • Select Properties and then click on the Startup tab.
  • Select “Automatic,” then save it by clicking “Press” and then “OK.”
  • That’s it. Restart your PC and check it.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.Keep an eye out for future updates on the subject.