The popular gaming title Valorant has announced a new map ‘pearl’ inspired by Atlantis underwater city.
As the developers made the announcement almost 4 days ago but the association’s things are unveiled
as closer to the final debut date. Unfortunately, a very less number of valorant players are known about
All-New Map: Pearl.

For such a reason, we tried to gather the complete details relating to Valorant’s Pearl Map. Luckily, we
got a lot of associated information about it. So, here we will try to share with you the different unveiled
updates relating to the coming pearl map.

Valorant Developers Introduced All-New Map: Pearl

If you ever remember valorant released a location pool map called Fracture launched in early 2021. It
was the last map added to the valorant. Similarly, Valorant added a map again that is Pearl, designed to
separate the strong from the weak. Pearl will debut alongside Episode 5 Act 1 on June 22nd, 2022.

All-New Map: Pearl

Additionally, it will get accompanied by the new battle pass and creepy new Prologue to Chaos skyline.
Unlike Fracture, Pearl follows a standard layout and a straightforward map where you do not get any
teleports or elevators to help you navigate around. Pearl is effectively a modern-day Atlantis. In which
the metropolis at the heart of Portugal and climate change could be seen on the coming map. Also, the
coming pearl map is inspired by an older underwater theme pitch concept.

All-New Map: Pearl

But this time the new concept of a major city flooded from climate change combined with the older
underwater city conception. Additionally, Pearl takes place on Omega Earth which means players need
to explore how the Omega Kingdom would approach climate change and relate the concept with it. So,
As of now, these are the updates for the coming pearl map in valorant. However, the complete
information will disclose at the final launch.