Sony has confirmed that it will launch the all-new PlayStation Plus this summer. As the name suggests, PlayStation Plus has additional benefits to cover up the usual PlayStation. And this time, users who are looking to pay more for an effective combination of PS Plus and PS Now will. However, it is good news for PS-oriented players.

But, most of the users are tense with a few queries regarding their subscription plan. And, even if they do not know the different criteria to upgrade to the new PlayStation Plus, in response to this, we have prepared an article through which you will get to know every aspect of the new PlayStation Plus.

How to Upgrade a New PS Plus to a New Premium Tier


first thing you need to know about upgrading to the new PlayStation Plus is that there are three tiers for the new PS Plus; Essential, Extra, and Premium. Essential means the tier has normal multiplayer access, free monthly games, etc. Even though players are known to upgrade, they are afraid of their stacked memberships.

Sony has confirmed that it will discontinue PS Plus and PS Now code stacking for existing members prior to the launch of the new PS Plus. However, if any user has purchased a code and hasn’t been able to activate it, then don’t be stressed. Just wait until your membership expires, or whenever a new PS Plus launches.

Moreover, to upgrade Sony’s PS Plus FAQ page, you will be charged a pro-rated fee to level up the remaining time on your existing membership to the desired level. However, once the new service launches and you initially become a PS Plus Essential member, you can upgrade to the more expensive tiers by paying the difference in cost.

Across the board, these are the associated details that come with the coming PS Plus. However, it would be interesting to see what exactly the PS Plus discovers on its official launch, which is likely to happen on June 23rd, mainly focused on Microsoft Xbox Game Pass.