To download any app on Android Phone means to believe in Google Play Store. However, some smartphone companies have a dedicated app store. But, Google Play Store is the backbone of every android device. Not every android device comes with a Pre-installed Google Play Store and its services. So, Today here, we will discuss for Google Play Store download along with the update procedure.

Subsequently, Such users look for ways to download Google Play Store. And some who are waiting for newer updates don’t know how to update it. Surprisingly, we are on the same research and found some relevant information.

How to download and Update Google Play Store – Complete Guide

As we said, not every android came up with Google Play Store. For so, such users crave to download and install it. Indeed, Google Play Store is not available to download via any official platform. But, there are dedicated APK file websites like APK mirror, where you can get its APK file to install it and run Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, we will guide you to download and install the Google Play store using the APK mirror’s download link. And we will install Google Play Store via APK, so make sure to enable the unknown source option under your device settings.

Note: Make sure that Google Play Store only works when your device has installed Google Play Services. 

  • Download APK Mirror Installer On your device.
  • Then, Install that downloaded installed
  • Download Google Play Store APK file.
  • After that, Open the installer and browse the Google Play Store APK file.
  • Now Tap on it >> watch ad >> install.
  • Once it finishes, You’re ready to explore Google Play Store.

Besides that, some users are stuck with their older Google Play Store version. For such users, we have prepared some instructions so that they can update Google Play Store to the latest available version.

  • Begin with Opening Google Play Store.
  • Tap on your profile picture appears in the right corner.
  • Then, Tap on Settings >> About >> Update Play Store.
  • Following this, It will automatically find and install the latest update.
  • That’s it; In such a way, your Google play store will update.

In a nutshell, Google Play Store is run with associative things like Google Play Services for all devices and Google services manager; Google Framework must provide for Non-android devices. But, To download and Update Google Play Store are the most simple steps to follow. If any user still has queries, then feel free to ask below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How do I reinstall and reinstall the Google Play store?

Ans. Open Google Play Store << Profile << Manage apps & device << Select Google Play << Enable.

Q2.What happens if I uninstall Google Play services?

Ans. The Installed Apps may not work if you uninstall Google Play services.

Q3.How do I unblock the Google Play store?

Ans. You can do this by clearing the data and cache from Google Play Store and Google Play Services, 

Q4.How do I download the Play Store app when it is deleted?

Ans. If it is pre-install, then it can never delete. Instead, it disables that can be enabled through application management.