Redmi Note 9 is a specialized device running on Android and is powered by MediaTek Helio G85 SoC. Additionally, here you can expand storage space using an SD card. As a redmi, it has a Mi account that facilitates cloud data storage for Mi users. Also, it is completely secure with your username and password.

But, sometimes, Mi users forget that password and want to bypass such a Mi account. However, all data stored in the cloud will be erased after bypassing. But, At least your dedicated Mi account will be retrieved and safe. For this reason, below, we will describe the most convenient way to bypass the Mi account.

How to bypass Mi Account on Redmi Note 9

Being an android device, Redmi Note 9 has an FRP (Factory Reset Protection) feature. It prevents using a device after a factory data reset until you log in using a Google username. FRP security feature is available on all devices having Android 5.1 or above. Although, it is possible to bypass the Mi account.

But, note that all the data will be erased after bypassing, and probably some sensors will not work. So if you can ignore such downsides, follow the below instructions to bypass the Mi account on your redmi note 9.

  • To begin, Disable DAA and SLA Authentication
  • Next, Download & Extract the SP Flash tool & account bypass File.
  • Once downloaded, Install Mediatek USB Driver and run SP Flash tools.
  • Now, Click on download agent and find the DA file under account remove file.
  • Select choose to scatter file and find the scatter file in it.
  • Then, Connect your phone to the PC using the Volume Up & Down key.
  • Under the Format menu, Manual format flash.
  • Copy and paste the below codes
    Mi account remove – 0x104A2000, 0x3000000
    FRP bypass – 0x5508000, 0x100000
    Format user data – 0x26C800000, 0xC0000000
  • Once done, click on Start and get back to the download tab.
  • Under SP flash tool, choose download only from the drop-down & click download.
  • Following this, A processing will start showing a yellow bar.
  • Once done, disconnect your phone and proceed to start.
  • That’s it; your Redmi Note 9 Mi account has been bypassed.

Besides, You can do one more thing: simply forgetting the password. In which you just put your sim card to another phone. Afterward, Request for Forgot password link. Once received, Set a new password and log in with those credentials. In such a way, you can return your favorable data stored in your Mi account.

Conclusively, These are the most tricky and reliable ways to bypass the Mi account on the Redmi note 9. We have even explained the concern briefly. And, assuming you can now bypass my account on your redmi device. If you still have any queries, then feel free to ask them in the comment section below.