One of the most popular games, Call of Duty Mobile, offers immersive graphics and gameplay experiences. However, on low-end devices, some Android users have encountered various issues due to limited graphics and FPS settings. It brings a vast array of weapons to the game, which CoD players are most fascinated by.

With this guide, you can unlock your device’s performance, allowing you to play CoD Mobile on a low-end smartphone. We have GFXTool available, which can help you optimise your low-end smartphone. The game has been downloaded more than 35 million times since its global launch on October 1st, 2019.

How to Unlock Call of Duty Mobile Max Graphics and FPS on Low-End Android Smartphones

The game requires a minimum of a Snapdragon 625 SoC with an Adreno 506 GPU, paired with 3GB of RAM. However, if your device isn’t compatible, you may encounter low graphics and FPS. Spoofing the GPU may cause the device to overheat.

Unlock Call of Duty Mobile Max Graphics on Low-end Android without root.

To get the best gameplay experience, here are the best CoD Mobile sensitivity settings. The game can run on average settings at 30 FPS.

MultiplayerBattle Royale
Turn Sensitivity: 45FPP View: 45
Sniper Rifle Sensitivity: 30TPP View: 40
ADS Sensitivity: 40Optics: 40
3x Scope: 40
4x Scope: 20
Firing: 35
Sniper Rifle Sensitivity: 35

To get the best graphics experience and available options, this not only helps improve the graphics but also optimises the GPU for a better gameplay experience. Furthermore, you can optimise the game that doesn’t meet the minimum hardware requirements for CoD Mobile.

  • Switch to a higher screen refresh rate.
  • Your device should have 1.5GB of free storage. Simply free up storage on your device.
  • Reduce background activities and alerts. For this, you can limit background app activities from the device’s Developer Settings, and within the background process limit, select at least 2 to select the number of background processes Android can maintain.
  • You should use a stable and reliable internet connection.
  • Use the game launcher or game mode that comes with your device.

The maximum FPS CoD Mobile gives you is 120 Hz, and this can only be achieved with a high-end smartphone. FPS may vary depending on the device but it runs at a stable 120 FPS with slight dips at 1440p, which is worth it if you have access to a display with VRR support.

Minimum Requirements to Play CoD Mobile

To play the game, your device should meet these minimum specifications.

  • Apple A8, Snapdragon 625, MediaTek Helio P23, Kirin 960 or higher
  • Adreno 506, Mali G71 GPU, or higher
  • iOS 9, iPad 9, or Android 5 or higher
  • 3GB of RAM or higher
  • 4GB of free internal storage

Note: Android is not responsible for any damage, such as getting banned. Use these tools at your own risk.

Unlock Call of Duty Mobile Max Graphics on Low-end Android without root.

If your device is incompatible with Call of Duty Mobile, it will prompt an error message saying “Your device isn’t compatible,” or you can simply run it with low graphics. Low graphics may cause issues because mobile devices are configured to prioritise battery life over anything else.

What is the GFX Tool?

GFX Tool is one of the most popular graphics tweaking applications. It enables high-definition and HDR graphics, as well as higher FPS. Moreover, it can help you improve the graphics and optimise the GPU. Therefore, some users have reported experiencing lag and touch issues during gameplay.

GFX Tools

This is one of the most common and popular tools that helps users enable high-definition or HDR graphics settings. GFX Tools allows users to edit the config files to enable the graphics options for HDR Graphics and Extreme FPS. It enables the unlocking of the extreme FPS option. Some popular GFX tools are compatible with boosting CoD mobile graphics.

It can be used to configure graphics settings for particular games, like shader quality, texture quality, resolution, and other factors that also impact the performance of

Root using GLTools

With this, you can launch your Call of Duty Mobile game and unlock graphics and FPS settings. For this, users need to root their devices.

What is GLTools?

GLTools is a tool that allows you to bypass hardware limitations, especially on low-end smartphones. To use this tool, you need to root your Android device, and you can use the Magisk Manager to root your device.

  • Start by downloading GLTools, and then launching GLTools.
  • Select CoDM Game and check the checkbox for the “Enable Settings for this app” option.
  • Scroll down to find “Replace GPU info” and then replace the CPU and RAM info.
  • Next, scroll down and select “Select Value from a Temperature.”
  • Choose “Xiaomi Mi 11” or any high-end smartphone of your choice, then launch the game from GLTools.

Note: This tool has been banned from the Google Play Store, but the APK is available to download and install from the official website.

Non-root using VMOS Pro

This helps you play CoD Mobile with high graphics and FPS settings.

  • Download and install VMOS Pro, then launch VMOS Pro.
  • Next, extract and create a virtual machine, then import and install CoD Mobile and ZARCHIVER.
  • Now, import the OBB and Data folders for CoD Mobile to the OBB folder at this address: “android > OBB > com.activision.callofduty.shooter” and the Data folder to this address: “android > data > com.activision.callofduty.shooter.”
  • Change your device preference to the Galaxy S20 or any preferred high-end smartphone.
  • After this, change the GPU settings from Real Machine to High Frame Rate.
  • Launch the game from VMOS Pro, and the game will unlock graphics and FPS settings.

Non-Root Method: Call of Duty Mobile GFX Tool

Not to mention, it might create conflicts sometimes, and you might experience some bugs while playing the game. It was not going to crash your game continuously. Instead, it was quite good. It only crashes or experiences lag when your device’s resources get full.

GFX Tool Pro - Max fps
GFX Tool Pro - Max fps
GFX Tool for CD - Pro Gamers
GFX Tool for CD - Pro Gamers
Developer: Juzer Inc
Price: Free
GFX Tool for ML
GFX Tool for ML
Developer: BigDog Gaming Tools
Price: Free

Game booster

  • Download Game Booster from the Google Play Store.
  • Then, launch Game Booster, which will automatically search for the game.
  • After this, your gameplay will significantly improve.

Magisk Manager with GLTools

  • Update your CoD Mobile to the latest version, and then install Magisk Manager on your rooted device.
  • Now, download and install GLTools, and then launch it on your phone.
  • After this, it will ask users to grant some permissions and check the checkbox to enable the install option.
  • Tap on “Install using Magisk (Systemless),” and then it will create a zip file on your device.
  • Launch Magisk Manager and then swipe to access the navigation menu to choose Modules.
  • Next, tap on the “+” sign on the module to select “Created by GLTools,” which appears at the bottom.
  • Then, launch GLTools, and from there, choose the Call of Duty app and check the checkbox for the “Enable Custom Settings for this app” option.
  • Next, scroll to enable “Use Fake GPU/RAM Info,” “Use Fake CPU/RAM Info,” and “Advance RAM Spoofing.”
  • Scroll down to select the “Use Custom Template” option, and then choose the appropriate GPU according to your device, which is higher than the minimum requirements. Make sure you select the highest GPU option on your current smartphone.
  • Next, scroll down, enable the “Simple Map Bugger” option, and then exit.

Now, launch the CoD Mobile app to start using the highest settings, and if for some reason you encounter an issue, reinstall the game.