It has been recently brought to our attention that a significant number of popular smartphones are experiencing issues with their proximity sensors, particularly during phone calls. When the screen goes black upon picking up a call, it is meant to prevent accidental taps on options, but in some cases, the proximity sensor fails to work properly.

We are committed to addressing this issue and providing assistance to those affected. We have compiled a troubleshooting guide for those who have encountered proximity sensor and call issues on Android smartphones, with the exception of Samsung smartphones which do not seem to be affected by this problem. Please follow the steps outlined in the guide to try and resolve the issue.

Why isn’t the proximity sensor working?

There could be multiple reasons for this, especially on smartphones that have Google’s default Dialer application. It could be due to a calibration issue. Smartphones with their own custom dialers, such as those from Nothings, Xiaomi, IQOO, or others, do not seem to have this problem.

By replacing the Google Dialer with the Right Dialer

You can solve the issue of the proximity sensor while calling. To do this, you can download the Right Dialer app by Goodwy from the Google Play Store. This is a free application that does not have any ads. Once you have downloaded the app, open it and it will ask you to set it as your default phone app. This will replace the Google Phone with the Dialer application. Choose the Right Dialer and set it as the default.

You may need to give the app additional permissions in order to access your contact details, calls, and more. You can customize the app according to your preferences and follow the steps below to make it more useful.

  • Open the settings on the Dialer app from the upper-right corner.
  • Go to the Calls section and toggle the option to “Always display incoming calls on full screen.” This will display calls on the full screen rather than as a pop-up or notification.
  • Enable the “Missed call notification” option. If you are experiencing serious proximity sensor issues, you can also enable the “Disable proximity sensor during calls” option.

After making these changes, there are a few more steps you should take:

  • Long-press on the Dialer app and go to the “i” icon to open the app information.
  • Go to the Permissions section and ensure that the Call Logs, Contacts, Microphone, Notification, and Phone permissions are granted.
  • Uncheck the checkbox for “Pause app activity if unused” so that the app remains active in the background.
  • Ensure that “Unrestricted access” is granted for the battery usage.
  • Check that the “Display over other apps” permission is granted.
  • Check the “Auto-Start” and “Display pop-up window” permission toggle options on MUI or custom skins.

After checking these permissions, ensure that every permission we have mentioned is toggled on. On custom skins, the permission location and granting may be different, but it should be somewhere there. After completing these steps, you can start using this app and it should be good to go. The Right Dialer can be very helpful for those experiencing proximity sensor issues.

Give this app a try and it should resolve the proximity issue. We hope that this article has been helpful and that you have successfully resolved the issue. Thank you for reading. If you have any queries, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.