If you have some kind of interest in open World RPG games then, you will be happy to know a new
upcoming gaming title “Tower of Fantasy” likely to be released soon. However, The developers
announced to begin its Closed beta test from the next week of this month. The game is getting
popularized as it targets to avail F2P anime action to PC users.

Although, Everything relating to the game was done publicly like announcements and upcoming beta
tests. But, Unfortunately, there is a very less number of users known for the same. In response to this,
we analyzed the complete coverage, and today here you will get to know about Tower of Fantasy and its
associated updates till now.

Tower of Fantasy: Beta, trailer, gameplay, & everything we know

After getting to know about the upcoming open-world RPG game announcement. The foremost thing
that comes to everyone’s mind is what the game is likely to feature. So, As per Hotta Studio announced
in a trailer, the game will offer flashy characters with different abilities and attacks. Additionally, the
game’s environment will be decent as compared to other games.

Moreover, the Trailer showcased various adventurous locations that made the game full of secrecy.
Along with that, You will see several deadly enemies that inhabit the planet. Overall, the game is likely
to be fond of adventure and probably avail some more add-ons after the beta test.

Furthermore, Developers are in the process to launch the game in the year 2022. As they did not specify
the exact date for official release. However, As of now, they said to launch the game for iOS and PC
devices. Also, the recent announcement shows some interest in getting the game release soon. Certainly,
Developers announced to do a closed beta test scheduled from 19th April 2022 onwards.

Overall, the game is all about to set for official launch soon. However, The registration for the closed
beta test was already closed. But, still, you can take further updates for the same on the official Tower
of Fantasy Discord server. However, if you have any queries with the given information then you ask
them out in the comment section down below.