Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular games across the globe. After the recent Warzone tournament checkout of the highest-earning COD Warzone players, some of the highlights include DiaZBiffle and SuperEvan with $200K Huskers and Aydan’s team wins $300K. So, without further ado, let’s check it out.

Aydan ‘Aydan Conrad’ – $249,656.24

He is one of the highest-earning Warzone Competitors, he will continue to play as the highest-earning warzone players. According to reports, he has collected a total of $249,565.24 while competing in the battle royale game title.

Rhys ‘Rated’ – $197,638.59

Following the list of highest-earning warzone players listed. Rhys Rated is also a content creator respecting the esport community and playing COD since 2014. Aydan Conrad has also been playing with him as a

duo partner. With the duo mode, they win more than a whopping $100,000

Jordan ‘HusKerrs Thomas – $192,608.35

He registers the World record in Warzone, previously he plays the COD Black Ops 4 Blackout. Collectively, he generated more than $100,000 with multiple tournaments.

List of Top 20 Call Of Duty Warzone Highest Earning Players – June 24, 2021

The Total Prize pool was $1 Million, here you go… Check out the following Player with respect to their Earnings

  1.  Aydan: $249,565.24
  2.  Rated: $197,638.59
  3.  HusKerrs: $192,608.35
  4.  SuperEvan: $171,720.83
  5. Tommey: $162,108.85
  6.  Biffle: $146,658.34
  7.  Almxnd: $119,228.01
  8. WarsZ: $118,138.07
  9.  Swagg: $112,525.01
  10. JoeWo: $104,733.34
  11. Jukeyz: $104,533.37
  12.  Newbz: $104,108.32
  13. Stukawaki: $101,917.22
  14. ZLaner: $97,444.42
  15. Symfuhny: $82,600.01
  16. UnRationaL: $82,483.33
  17. Fifakill: $75,808.33
  18. MuTeX: $73,171.37
  19. Destroy: $71,562.50
  20.  Frozone: $70,545.83

Call Of Duty Warzone tournaments always having a massive price prize pool to competative since the launch of the game.

Hopefully, this idea gives you a quick look at the global gaming industry. Check out our COD best settings as well if you’re also diving into esports.