If you like anime, you can watch it on a growing number of devices. We’ve compiled a list of anime streaming apps that can help you find a suitable anime streaming app. Without further delay, let’s examine it.

Here are five of the best Android apps for watching anime

Watching anime on your mobile device can be made easier with these top 5 apps for android.


A very similar streaming service is available on one of the best anime apps. Crunchyroll offers a massive collection of anime because it adds anime within hours while other streaming sites take days or weeks. A premium subscription allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously.

A subscription is your best option if you want ad-free streaming. In addition to being free and ad-supported, Crunchyroll offers a 14-day free trial as well.

  • Pricing
    • $79,999 -Premium: Free
    • $99.95 for Premium+


Music and movies are available from all over the world on streaming services. They have recently added popular anime series such as A Whisket Away and Devilman Crybaby to their platform. Multi-platform play allows you to play the game with family and friends.

It is not yet possible to watch anime on Netflix. Thus, there are a large number of shows and movies from Korea and other countries available on its platform. We recommend Crunchyroll to those specifically seeking anime.

  • Pricing
    • Basic plan for $8.99
    • Standard plan, $13.9/month
    • $17.99/month for premium

Amazon prime Videos

Anime series such as Dororo, Cowboy, Beepop, and Akira are supported by Amazon Prime, but there’s no official anime catalogue. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video is adding new anime episodes at the moment, but if it is your goal to watch anime without spending much money, this is perhaps your best option.

  • Pricing
    • $8.99/month
    • $119/year + Amazon Prime Membership


A popular streaming service for anime fans, this service is a good alternative to popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It is free to subscribe to content such as Classic Fullmetal Alchemist, One Punch Man, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, etc. since these channels are showing mid-roll ads and pre-roll ads during the videos.

The content can only be accessed with a premium subscription. In the coming week, AnimeLab will likely become available in areas where it is currently restricted.

  • Pricing
    • AUD 7.95/month for premium


By 2021, this application will offer popular streaming content and dubs. Thus, it’s a great candidate to replace Crunchyroll. With a premium membership, you will be able to watch the anime for free for 14 days

  • Pricing
    • $59.99/Year for Premium
    • $79.99/year for Premium+
    • $99.99 for Premium+ Ultra

The following is a list of the top anime streaming apps in 2021. You should select a streaming platform according to your preferences. We welcome your questions and comments in the comments section below. Watch this space for future updates.