Android is a highly flexible smartphone. In this article, we will share some applications that you should definitely check out.

NotiGuy – Dynamic Notch

NotciGuy is a free application that allows you to transform your notch into an actionable tap feature. With this app, you can quickly open the camera, take a screenshot, play or pause music, and more.

FloatingMenu – Assistive Touch

Floating Menu is an app that enhances gesture navigation. If you have been using gesture navigation, then this app can take things to the next level. By installing this app, you can quickly open the notification panel by sliding down the corner of your device or swiping up to toggle the flashlight. There are many customizable features available, such as making the corner actionable. If you want to make further changes or add new features, simply head over to the app settings and you can customize things like adding new gesture combinations.

ChatGPT for Android

We do not recommend using ChatGPT for Android, as it may not be particularly useful. However, if you are looking for an AI tool that can assist with homework, ChatGPT is worth considering. It is capable of answering any question in a human-like conversation. While it is free, it does contain a few ads. If you prefer to use an ad-free version, you can visit ChatGPT’s website, which has the same capabilities without the ads.


Notifya is an app that utilizes the microphone on your device to detect if someone is opening a door near you. This can be useful if you are concerned about someone entering your home or want to ensure that someone does not sneak out. It does not always work, potentially due to its inability to recognize certain sounds, but it is generally effective.

Stario Launcher

Stario Launcher is an underrated application on the Play Store that offers a customizable feed panel. It allows you to receive brief updates from your favorite creators across various platforms, as well as websites. This feature is refreshing compared to Google’s News Feed. The main page of the app is straightforward, with a few widgets to welcome you and the most recent app view at the bottom. There is also a Note page section on the right side of the screen. While this app may not be suitable for everyone, those who appreciate minimalistic designs will find it worth checking out.


If you already have a good launcher and want to customize it further, WidgetShare may be useful to you. It allows you to share widgets with your friends, so if you make a change to a widget that you have shared with someone else, it will be automatically updated on their device as well. You can also create different groups of friends to share different widgets with. WidgetShare is also available on iOS, making it even more convenient

Screenshot Flow

Screenshot Flow is a useful app that allows you to create manual or tutorial screenshot guides. To use it, simply open the app and start guiding by clicking the Arrow button to indicate where the user should click. The app will take a screenshot when the button is clicked. It will then provide a quick preview, allowing you to decide whether to keep or delete the screenshot. Once you have finished taking screenshots, tap the pointer one last time and the app will stitch everything together to create an entire flow chart. From there, you can save the image and share it as needed.

Ambient Music Mod

The Ambient Music Mod allows you to recreate the “Now Playing” feature that comes with Google Pixel devices. This feature allows you to identify songs playing nearby. However, the app has a limited database that is downloaded onto your phone, meaning it may not be able to identify every song. In order to use the app, you will need to download the Shizuku app for Android 12 or higher. If your device is lower than Android 12, you will need to root your device in order to use the app.

Quick Tiles

Quick Tiles is a useful app that allows you to access various settings through the Quick Settings panel. However, some settings, such as screen lockout time and upcoming events, may not be available.

Micro Gesture

Micro Gesture is another useful app that allows you to perform actions quickly by using gestures. For example, you can twist your phone to revert or back tap, swing it to bring down the notification panel, or toggle the flashlight on or off. You can also set multiple gestures to perform any action you desire, including opening applications. There are many other things you can do with this app.

FlashDim – Dim your flashlight

FlashDim is an app that allows you to adjust the brightness of your flashlight on Android 13 devices, such as Galaxy or Pixel smartphones. This is a hidden feature that allows you to choose from up to 45 different levels of brightness.


Arc is a free, open-source application that makes it easier to transfer files between iOS devices and Windows computers. It allows you to share files with other devices and usually detects them automatically. If it does not, you can use the QR scan to authenticate and finish file sharing.

Shortcut Maker

The Google Pixel still has poor icon packs, which has been a major disappointment for many users. While Google has released a themed icon pack feature, it only supports a limited number of app icons. However, you can use the Shortcut Maker and PixMaterial You Light/Dark app to make every icon match the Material UI style. To use these apps with the default launcher, you will need to use Shortcut Maker to connect the app and shortcut to the PixMaterial Icon pack.

Anycode Wallet

Anycode Wallet is a useful app for those who may forget where they have stored their QR codes or are unable to access them due to a lack of internet connection. It allows you to store any QR code for future use, and all of the stored codes are available offline. In addition to QR codes, Anycode Wallet also supports a wide range of barcode formats, including transport tickets and airplane tickets.


Mutify is a useful app for those who use Spotify but do not have a premium subscription. It automatically mutes the volume of your phone when Spotify ads play.


Listy is a helpful app for keeping track of everything on your Android device. It can be confusing to remember where you saved important notes or reminders, but Listy makes it easier to keep track of your favorite things. When you save something, it even includes a picture to help you find it more easily in the future. While it is a nice app, it would be even better if the developers added more features, such as the ability to save restaurants, recipes, or create custom categories.

Native Alpha

Native Alpha is a great app for those who use websites to stay up-to-date. It allows you to view websites in a borderless, full-screen mode, without an address bar. However, you will need to add the websites to the app first. You can also customize the website app settings within the app, such as blocking ads, removing third-party requests, or blocking cookies.

Lockscreen Widget

Lockscreen Widget is a useful feature for Android users who want to place widgets on their lockscreen, similar to the functionality available on iOS 16. In addition, you can stack widgets on top of each other, saving space while still allowing each widget to be interactable.

Pixel Launcher Mode

Pixel Launcher Mode is an app that allows you to customize the Google Launcher by removing the At a Glance feature and enabling support for third-party icon packs. You can also replace the At a Glance widget with another widget, and customize the Google Search bar as well. In addition, you can hide the clock in the status bar and add background blur. This MOD is compatible with Android 13.

Notification Shortcuts

Notification Shortcuts is an app that places your most-used apps in the notification panel for easy access. You can also customize which apps are included.

These are our top 20 apps to use this month. If you think we missed any, please let us know in the comments section below. We value your feedback and opinions, so please share them with us in the comments section as well. Thank you for joining us.