WhatsApp Greeks, Finally The Chinese app TikTock is in Trouble. TikTok is Ban in India, On April 4th Madras High Court Send a Letter to Central Government to Ban TikTok for pornographic purposes and exploiting children in India.

Yesterday, The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Government of India ask Google and Apple to Disable Downloading of TickTok on their App Store.

  • The Indian government has asked Google and Apple to take down #TikTok from their app stores.
  • Users that don’t already have the app will no longer be able to download it.
  • This comes after the Indian Supreme Court refused a stay order on the TikTok ban issued by the Madras High Court.
  • The court said children using TikTok were vulnerable to sexual predators
  • TikTok allows users to create and share short videos with special effects

If you Don’t Know What TikTok is then You Still Live in a Peaceful Mindset! TikTok is one of the Biggest Social Networking Platform. TikTok has More than 230 Million Download in Inda WIth 50 Million Active Users Per Month. TikTok is Owned by Chinese Company Bytedance.

TikTok allows you to Make Video up to 15 Sec along Special Effect and Audio Clips, which you can Share with your Friends and Public to Watch you. There are a lot of Creative and Amazing Videos to Watch But Most of them Were Impropriate Content as Well.

TikTok ban in India over Encouraging Pornography on iOS and Android from their app stores

The Bad Videos are Spread and Inspired others to Make similar Videos. Where the Views on those Videos are More than Genuine Good Content. TickTok is in Public Interest Where the Videos are Seen by Public. Which Can Be Laid them into CyberCrime.

This app also Has Age-Restrictions of 13+, But Below 13 are Using by Changing the Date of Birth or Using Someone Other ID to watch TikTok Video. Also, The age above 13 is the Most Attraction Stage in the Term of Sexual Attraction.

That’s Not the End, The People are Losing their Life as Well. A person shot with a Pistol while Shooting a TikTok Video. Also, Last December there Were 36 Calls Were Reported for Harassment and Bullying.

Guys, TikTok is Not Ban it Just Disable the Users to Download from Google. You can Watch TikTok Videos over the TikTok app and Share With your Friends. Only the Thing is that You Would able to Download TikTok Yet.

The App Need Some Kind of Moderation So, the Creators Have Limits. Similar to Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Also, The Govt of India Follow IT Act of India Section79 Says” You can’t ban a Platform for its Content”

Also, If the TikTok Ban then the Freedom of the Internet Will be Distributed Which is not fair for all the Creators and Users.

Further, Not Everything is Wrong WIth TikTok only. Because the content is Uploaded by User on their Platform. We know these apps are Designed to be More addictive.

The TikTok Says “They are Faith in the Indian Judicial System and We are Optimistic about an Outcomes that Would Be Well to India”. 

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However, TikTok also Doing Some Good things, As It Launched Two TikTok app in the Were one for Children and Another is for Adult. Which is a Better than What in India? If it Possible then TikTok Should apply in India as Well.

TikTok India shared the following statement with the local press:

“We welcome the decision of the Madras High Court to appoint Arvind Datar as Amicus Curiae (independent counsel) to the court. We have faith in the Indian judicial system and we are optimistic about an outcome that would be well received by over 120 million monthly active users in India, who continue using TikTok to showcase their creativity and capture moments that matter in their everyday lives.”