The AI-tech race began especially after the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and was pushed by Microsoft Bing Chatbot. Microsoft has released a similar feature where your AI transcription will be generated for your Microsoft Teams Meetings with the premium. It’s quite useful for various use cases for businesses, content creation, education, and other professional works. 

AI is meant to make work more efficient, and with such a tool, you can convert any video’s audio or just audio into a written transcript. You might need to make some adjustments as it might miss some text from audio or video. There are various AI transcription services available for audio and video. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look into them.

What is AI Transcription, and How does it work?

This automatic software uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to convert audio and video files into written text. This is also known as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology with the use of Machine Learning (ML), which is a subset of AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

Reasons to use AI Transcription Tool

We have a lot of benefits from AI transcription. Taking notes in real-time or later is time-consuming and intensive work, a waste of human resources. Instead, using such an AI tool could eliminate this and be used for more productive tasks.

  • Improve accuracy and productivity: AI transcription has fewer mistakes and is faster.
  • Cost-Effective: It’s more economical than manual transcription.
  • Time-Saving: It takes less time compared to manual transcribing techniques.
  • Accessibility: It’s more inclusive and accessible to people.

Best AI Transcription

Software There are some free and paid AI transcription software. We have made a list of the best AI transcription software that you can use.

Otter uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to do text transcription, which shows captions for the live speaker and can generate speech transcription. It also has the functionality to record and transcribe the voice conversation with speaker detection and to share, search and edit notes. 

With real-time speech detection, it’s one of the best transcription software, and it works great with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams for writing automated meeting notes. This is quite useful for real-time captioning, editable time codes, time stamping, and speaker identification, but it costs $30. However, you can try it for free with limited features.


This is a cloud-based AI transcription service based in Cambridge, England. The company has advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) based on Recurrent Neural Networks and Statistical Language Modeling, which automatically converts live or recorded video or audio into text even if the audio has noise. Apart from this, this software has wide-language support as it has a very simple user interface, making it easier to upload the audio or video to get the transcription in minutes.

It’s well known for its accurate speech-to-text system, which is called Ursa, and as it is a cloud-based AI, it works on all major platforms across a diverse range of voices. This is free for 4 hours of audio transcription, but it also has an Enterprise plan you can opt for.


This is one of the latest AI tools. It supports 40 languages and offers live captioning, closed captioning, conversation intelligence, and more. These things make it one of the fastest transcription software, and it also understands basic hums, terms, and word repetition with the generated transcription. 

Apart from making the transcription, it also offers to edit and export the text seamlessly with Sonix. It costs $10 per hour as basic, $22 per user/month, and has a business plan. It’s worth considering as it offers subtitles and captions, also can be used for creating automatic summaries and sentiment analysis, and supports a wide range of file formats.


This company is known for its AI voice assistant. It can record, transcribe and take notes and integrates well with web-conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Team. Users can also use it to review key metrics with provided meeting summaries with statistics. But this has some problems as it doesn’t recognize some words because of its tool’s algorithms, and it has an unlimited free version with 800 minutes of storage, and premium versions like Pro, which costs $18, and Business plan, which costs $29 a month.

Likewise, it is one of the most accurate transcription services. It also has work-from-home opportunities for freelancers who can transcribe and caption audio and video files alongside AI-based transcriptions. This is one of the fastest services, and it also can identify speakers in meetings and interviews. offers AI or human transcription. For that, the company offers 20 hours of automated transcription service, and to unlock the unlimited Zoom transcription, it costs $29.99 for its service. It also has a pay-as-you-go plan with the pricing of $0.25 per minute of transcription and a monthly Rev MAX plan for $29.99.


This is quite similar to others. It also allows users to do AI transcription, a cloud-based transcription for audio and video files. It allows users to edit, format, subtitle, translate, export, and share. Furthermore, it bundles a splitter, translator, and voice, and it works across your smartphone and PCs for the cost of ~$8 per hour of transcription, and 30 minutes of service. It’s free for an individual. 


With these AI transcription tools, services make your transcription easier, but all have differences and special abilities. All have their advantages over others. Like Beey, AI has 20 languages and can be good at preserving the timestamps of the original project. offers human transcription, which makes it 99% accuracy guaranteed with a fast turnaround time.

In comparison, integrates well with various web conferencing platforms and business applications, providing good insights during meetings. Meanwhile, Sonix AI supports over 40 different languages and is good at offering live captioning, closed captioning, and conversation intelligence features. At last, it depends on you what your preferences and needs are. Thanks for being with us. We