Fortnite is one of the most popular teams around the world, and its season 2 is life with chapter 2. Meanwhile, the game is preparing for chapter 3 as per the reports that have been leaked. Even some communities were also covering the same news until today. According to reports the game is going to introduce doomsday event in Fortnite, chapter 3 season 3 lobby concept, and Fortnite version 12.60.

Doomsday Event

This one is one of the most awaited events that is likely to end soon. Where the storyline of the game is all about the middle, and the engineer working on something glided sceptre, which is a powerful device that has been hidden inside their agent office. Therefore the agency has been activated the power and anyone that is close to the device will immediately be killed alongside the mass get frozen gold.

The Frozen gold has been and trophy for the mirrors as a victory. There will be a new electric spark, and the smoke effect will be added for this event.

Fortnite v12.60

Aspect game that has been recently updated most likely to patch for crashes and bug fix. Reportedly there were some performance creches that is likely to be fixed with the update. Where reported have mentioned the delay in the output alongside some packet loss including higher ping makes it trouble while playing the game.

Epic games have been aware of this performance issue, and they were investigating, and have us used to get involved by sending the video through direct messages. The problem suggests you temporary and will apply the patch across there all platforms and modes to fix the issue.

We have gathered some common problem with the Fortnite players such as Dragacorn Glider happened to disable temporarily. The indicator on the game also showing the wrong directions and lastly the replays not saving call PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fortnite chapter 2 Season 3 lobby concept

There was a lot of leaves surfaced online that claim that season 3 will bring and flood for Aqua theme. In contrast, some players also quit name called EASKATE for season 3 of chapter 2. The epic game response towards this false screen a piece of advice to ignore the mail.

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