You might have guessed what to expect from this article. These games will undoubtedly provide a realistic and immersive simulation experience. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into this.

Microsoft Train Simulator

The popular simulator game, also known as MSTS, was released in 2001. It is equipped with all the controls that you will find on real trains, such as a pressure monitor, a complex braking system, and more precision.

With features like track change, coupling, and more, you can operate both freight and passenger vehicles. On top of this, there is MOD support, which means you can import your own routes, trains, and skins.

F1 22

Formula 1 is one of the most popular franchises, where a lot of cars with 300 KMPS compete against each other. Here you can find certified cars, tracks, and driver characters. In career mode, you can join any car club or build your own team.

You can also play this game in arcade mode. To have some challenge, you can have simulation experiences throughout the game, like tweaking your cars before races based on tracks and weather. F1 fans, in particular, should not miss the game.

War Thunder 

Play online combat games with ground, air, and sea battle machines. You can have different controls for your armored vehicle. At the different levels, you have a lot of challenges and themes. It has big maps and different simulation modes.

This game has realistic crashes and impacts using soft body physics. However, developers don’t want to hurt any car companies, which is why you won’t find any certified cars in this game. You can find many mods, models, and maps for this game in the community.

Insurgency Sandstorm 

Insurgency Sandstorm, a unique multiplayer online game, was released in 2018. You can expect some excellent tactical gameplay. In a realistic combat situation, you need to polish your skills with your guns and operators and have to clear corners before moving ahead.

Simulation isn’t an easy game to win, since you need to have plenty of practice, and this helps us understand real-life scenarios.