Tesla Cars now offer several games that can be played while driving. Safety measures are more than just features. Tesla has made significant advances in their vehicles that are in violation of safety regulations. On the other hand, Mercedes has announced that it will fix certain models.

Additionally, both organisations are in the process of emerging and strive to deliver the most advanced features to the general public. On the other hand, Tesla, on the other hand, is filled with things that are above and beyond our expectations. Below, we will talk about Tesla in more detail.

While Tesla drivers are now permitted to play games while driving, Understand why they do so.

Mercedes-Benz and Tesla have both announced specific features for the game. In addition to the S500 and the EQS450, EQS580, and S500, Mercedes-Benz, the German automaker, has recalled four models. It was found that some of these cars had Mercedes-Benz’s back-end server and MBUX infotainment system set up incorrectly while they were on the road.


a result, the error causes the occupants of the vehicle to activate the TV, owner’s manual, and games while they are driving. These errors are one of the leading causes of accidents. The number of accidents caused by Mercedes went down to zero when the problem with the configuration was fixed.

Tesla, on the other hand, allows video games to be played in certain vehicles. While it is fine when the car is parked, three video games can be played when the vehicle is in motion thanks to this summer’s over-the-air software update. Tesla’s Autopilot system also has the problem of not being able to detect whether a driver or a passenger is playing a game. Because Autopilot doesn’t have full self-driving capabilities, there is no effect on fuel economy because it doesn’t do all the work for you.

Also this week, NHTSA officially released a statement about the situation in which they state that they are aware of driver concerns and are discussing the feature with the manufacturer. Surprisingly, the Vehicle Safety Act also restricts manufacturers from selling vehicles with design defects that pose unreasonable risks to safety. And it will be interesting to see what Tesla manufacturers do about this issue in the near future.

As a result, it’s safe to expect that all of you who have accurate content about Tesla drivers can now play games while driving. Tesla drivers know exactly what they’re doing. Additionally, it is also known for information relating to the above-mentioned concern. If any user has questions about this, please leave them in the comment section below.