Trovo is one of the popular video game streaming websites that is presently dominated by Youtube and Twitch. Trovo serves on some of the most prominent platforms in the world, which indicates the overall quality and reliability of Trovo. Trovo has now found that Tencent is the parent company of Trovo, under whose guidelines it usually operates.

Moreover, there are more platforms on which Tencent provides its services through many of its subsidiaries. But, after researching a lot regarding Trovo and its reliability, we have prepared a meaningful article relating to it. So, in this article, we will discuss more about Tencent’s subsidiary, Trovo Live Serve, on Youtube and Twitch: In-depth details

What is Trovo Live? Tencent is launching a Twitch game-streaming rival platform for PC and mobile games.

As we mentioned above, Tencent is one of the biggest business entities that delivers a very reliable and secure service to their clients. One of the subsidiaries, Trovo Live, is a streaming site that delivers its quality service on well-known sites like Youtube and Twitch. Trovo also has different collaborations with different business entities. But, recent research found that the exclusive video and audio quality that Youtube and Twitch deliver through Trovo Live.


it would be interesting to know that the world’s epic platforms, Youtube and Twitch, personally use Trovo Live. However, Tencent has various allegations regarding their privacy and security in the case of PUBG Mobile. But, we did not find any cases regarding Trovo Live. That means, we can say that if YouTube is using their service, then we can expect much better privacy and security along with quality in Tencent’s Trovo Live. Many of the users do not know about Trovo Live and its services, but after reading this article, we think that faith in Tencent will return very soon.