One of the popular cloud-based encrypted instant messaging platforms Telegram initially launched in
2013. From the launching days, the company have limited users and users are unaware of such an
application. But, As time passes the company grew and now almost each WhatsApp user knows about

With Regular Users, Telegram is already user-friendly but developers aimed to make the app more
helpful. So, they announced a premium subscription plan that offers extra features to the premium
subscribers. Let’s take a look at the below coverage to know exactly about Telegram Premium.

Telegram Announced Premium Subscriptions Starting at $4.99/month

The Co-Founder Parul Durov has aimed to make such a cloud-based messaging company that offers endto-end encrypted messaging service. In such a way, Telegram was designed with a quick note to offer
exclusive service to its customers. Additionally, To maintain a better standard Telegram announced a
premium subscription plan.

Telegram’s Premium Subscription plan starts at $4.99 per month offering additional benefits along with
usual features. But, To take a quick overview of premium users’ benefits take a look below to know
exactly what the company offering in their premium plan.

Larger and Faster File Sharing Support: Presently, Regular users can send and receive files up to 2GB.
But, For Premium users, the same expands to 4GB. However, Regular users can download these larger
files but cannot upload them.

Increased Group Limit: As of now, Regular users can join up to 500 groups and channels and save up to
200 desired GIFs. But, For Telegram Premium the same figure is to join 1000 groups and 400 desired

Expanded Chat Feature: With Telegram’s Premium Subscription account you can create up to 20 chat
folders with up to 200 chats each. And, that is not available for a regular user. So, keep in mind that
thing while switching for premium service.

Other Minor Features: Apart from the above features, there are some more features that a premium
subscriber can get. It includes an integrated audio-to-text message converter, unique stickers and
reactions, an Improved Chat manager, animated profile pictures, special app icons, no ad5 and a
premium profile badge.

Alongside, the premium subscribers Telegram has done some improvements for Regular users. In which
gallery feature and other chat-related features are improved. You can experience those features by
Updating your Telegram App. However, As of now these are the Telegram Premium details and are more
likely to disclose in future.