It is now possible to use iMessage on an Android device without the need for an Apple device, thanks to the upcoming messaging application called Sunbird. The app is not yet publicly available, but is expected to be released soon. Before its public release, the developers are working to ensure the app is as stable as possible. When the app is finally available on the Play Store, you will be able to access iMessage on your Android device without any difficulties.

We have tried out the alpha version of Sunbird and found it to be a promising solution for accessing iMessage on Android. While there are other services that offer similar functionality, they typically require you to own an Apple device. Please note that the alpha version of Sunbird is still in testing, and the final version may differ in terms of features and functionality. Some features may be added or removed, and the overall appearance of the app may change. Keep an eye out for the public release of Sunbird for the latest updates.

Apple’s Blue Bubble on Android

It is now possible to access Apple’s iMessage service on an Android device and have your messages appear as blue bubbles, just like on an iOS device. This is not a scam and you can even engage in group conversations with friends without any indication that you are using an Android device.

No Apple Device Require

To use this service, you do not need to own an Apple device. All you need is an Apple ID, which you can create within the Sunbird app or on the Apple ID website. If you already have an Apple ID, simply sign in to the Sunbird app to continue using the service.

RCS on Sunbird

Sunbird is actively working on integrating Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging and is in talks with Google to obtain API access. The company also plans to add support for other messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Signal, and Slack.

What’s Missing

One issue we have noticed is that on an iPhone, the phone number is not displayed and instead shows the email address linked to the Apple ID. While this is not a major issue, Sunbird is working on an eSIM solution that will allow you to port your phone number to the app. In the meantime, you can inform your contacts of your phone number or send a vCard to let them know it is you.

Receiving Reaction

Sunbird currently supports the ability to receive reactions to messages, although the ability to send reactions is not yet available. However, the developers have stated that this will be fixed in future updates.

Send FHD Videos, Voice Notes, Gifs, and PDF

In the meantime, you can enjoy sending and receiving Full HD videos, pictures, voice notes, GIFs, and PDFs through Sunbird. While some file formats, such as audio files and zip files, are currently not supported, the developers have confirmed that they are working on adding support for these formats in the final release.

Golden Bubbles

If you are sending messages to another SunBird user, you will have golden bubbles indicating an exclusive conversation. The developers are also planning to introduce a blockchain peer-to-peer payment system with no fees for these conversations.

How SunBird iMessage on Android Works

SunBird’s iMessage on Android works by using a server infrastructure that acts as a middleman between SunBird users and iPhone users. When you authenticate your SunBird account, you are also authenticating your iMessage account through the server. However, your Apple ID and password are not saved as part of the authentication process.

All conversations and third-party services on SunBird are end-to-end encrypted. The company does not store any data on their server aside from the primary email address used to create your SunBird account. Essentially, iPhone users are communicating with the server, which then establishes an end-to-end encrypted connection between the server and the SunBird app. The messages only exist in an encrypted format on the server for a brief moment as they are relayed to the SunBird app. Messages are not delayed and are instantaneous.

Normal SMS messages are not encrypted and do not use the SunBird server, as they are simply relayed as text messages. The company is committed to maintaining privacy and has made the app open-source for added peace of mind for users.

Is Sunbird legal?

There have been other releases of iMessage on Android with the same name, and Apple has not yet responded to these releases. The developers of Sunbird claim that using their app will not result in your Apple ID being banned, but it is advisable to create a new Apple ID as a precaution.

When will Sunbird be released?

The company has scheduled the release of SunBird for the end of Summer 2023. However, if you are interested in testing the app, you can join the SunBird beta test through their website. They also have a Discord channel where you can ask for more information or stay up to date on announcements. This beta test is completely free and supported worldwide.

The developers of Sunbird plan to include almost all iMessage features in the app, including typing indicators, read receipts, Memojis, and FaceTime. You will also be able to link your Sunbird account across devices to stay up to date on all updates. A web app is also planned for a future update, along with other features that are being developed before the official launch.

Please note that the user interface of the Sunbird app is not yet complete and is expected to be improved in the final release. There is still much work to be done, and we are excited to see what developments are in store for the future.

We appreciate your interest in Sunbird and welcome your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Stay tuned for future updates on the app.