Spam messages are those messages sent in bulk to a large number of users. And, all those messages sometimes irritate the user and force them to block. Especially on Apple devices, the developers have offered a special feature that lets all the spam messages from out of the inbox and separate under the Unknown Messages Section.

However, Sometimes Spammers send these messages using different numbers but to cope with that situation Apple introduced some advanced features also. However, most iOS users don’t know about that feature. In response to this, We have studied and self-prepared a set of steps for it. Meanwhile, here we will share with you How to stop spam messages on iPhone; Trick to stop spam messages.

How to Stop Spam Messages on Your iPhone: A Spam-Stopping Trick

In the above contextual paragraph, We have mentioned that Apple has also developed features in the easy categorization of Spam messages. Unfortunately, iOS users are not aware of those helpful features. However, To enable that Spam related feature is not a hard and fast rule but a lot of users are finding it difficult to do so. For this, below are some easy steps in stopping spam messages on your iOS device.

  • To begin, Navigate to the Settings App.
  • Then, locate and tap on the Messages tab.
  • Following this, you will see a “Filter Unknown Sender” option.
  • Next, enable the Filter Unknown Sender option.
  • Afterwards, all the spam messages on your phone will be shown in a separate section.

Meanwhile, you cannot stop spam messages, but instead of this, using the above steps, you can easily separate all your spam messages. Moreover, if you are still getting the same issue, it means the spammer is sending messages using different numbers. In that case, you only have the option to block each number individually. Alternatively, you can also use the option “Report Junk” that lets you stop spam messages from a particular number. However, it will report to Apple that it got spam messages, but it also works well.

Hopefully, we can now expect that you all have accurate content about how to stop spam messages on the iPhone and tricks to stop spam messages. It’s also common knowledge that the clear knowledge is for preventing spam messages on your iPhone.With regards to this, if any user has any queries, please share them with us in the comment section down below.