Google’s YouTube is one of the most visited sites globally, with 23 Billion Visitors every month. Most users watch YouTube on their YouTube apps, and some on the Website. Meanwhile, It is frustrating with YouTube’s unskippable ads and not being able to skip YouTube ads. You can use a YouTube ad blocker to watch YouTube videos without ads.

How to watch YouTube without ads on iPhone and iPad: Watch YouTube Without Going to YouTube.
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Google runs these ads to make content free and to generate some revenue. Reportedly they have generated 7 Billion in Q3 2021. Lately, it has been overfilled with up to 4-5 non-skippable ads. Some users consider buying YouTube Membership to get rid of annoying ads, but not everyone can afford to buy YouTube Premium. Here is a simple guide to watching YouTube videos without ads on iPhone.

Google has updated its terms and conditions for YouTube to boost the revenue, Right to Monetize all content which means channels not applying for YouTube also start having ads.

How to watch YouTube without ads on iPhone and iPad: Watch YouTube Without Going to YouTube.
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Noteworthy: This guide is for educational purposes only. Google used advertainments as the primary source to share revenue with YouTube Content creators. Consider allowing YouTube ads or buying a monetization model to support creators.

Types of YouTube ads

These are some of the most shared ads that play on YouTube Videos.

How to watch YouTube without ads on iPhone and iPad: Watch YouTube Without Going to YouTube.
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  • Skippable Video ads: You can skip these ads after 5 seconds. It appears during, Before, and after the video.
  • Non-Skippable Video ads: Their length is about 15 Seconds, and it goes with before, during, and after the video.
  • Midroll ads: These usually come with a long video and can’t be skipped.
  • Bumper ads: They last long for 6 Seconds, and it comes in the form of short videos.
  • Content-embedded Ads: These are severed by the YouTube content creator in the video itself.
  • Display ads: It only comes on desktop.
  • Overlay ads: Semi-transparent ads in the lower part of 20% of the video could be text or images.

How to watch YouTube without ads on iPhone

Starting with free to use series is one of the most straightforward ways to avoid YouTube ads with the help of an ad blocker. It will help remove the banner, redirections, ad tracking, and pop-up ads. Meanwhile, you can’t block ads on the YouTube app itself, but you can use the browser to stop ads on YouTube.

You require a third-party application to perform this; once you finish setup, you can eliminate the annoying YouTube ads. You can find a lot of ad-blocking applications on the App Store.

  • First, Find yourself a good ad blocker for your iPhone from the app store.
  • Next, Open the ad blocker application and follow by creating an account, and choose the subscription model on the app if required.
  • Now, you need to activate the ad blocker on a Mobile device; if you want to watch a YouTube video on Safari, then here is how to follow.
  • Open Device settings from the control panel, then head over to Safari by scrolling.
  • Scroll down a bit, and then go to Content Blocker and toggle to enable the ad blocker.
  • Done.

Best ad blocker for iPhone

  • Clario
  • 1Blocker
  • AdGuard
  • AdBlock
  • KaBlock!
  • BlockBear
  • AdLock
  • Firefox Focus

Use YouTube Premium

This is the best way to watch YouTube videos without ads, and YouTube Premium also bundles YouTube Music Premium, a music platform. It allows you to play music in backgrounds and more freedom while watching videos.

It costs $11.99 per month after a 1-month free trial, and a Family plan (5 members + You) costs $17.99 per month. Students get a discount of $6.99 a month. To get YouTube Premium free, you can subscribe to Google One to claim YouTube Premium for three months.

It will surely help you to block ads; these only do not work with YouTube. Another website also got affected after enabling ad-blocking for the choice of ad-blocker. You can also switch to an ad-free browser like Opera, Brave Browser, DuckDuckGo, Avast Secure Browser, and more.