Microsoft is working on another new feature for the Phone Link app, where users can stream audio from their Android devices. This is similar to Airplay for Macs, where you can use it with an iOS device. Now users can stream music from Android devices to Windows 11 with the Phone Link.

The company hasn’t confirmed or shared any news about this feature yet, and it’s sort of an upcoming feature spotted by Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia. He says this is for the Phone Link Beta Channel and testing with the selected Windows Insiders users.

We can assume the majority of the features are exclusive to Samsung’s devices. It might be possible that only selected Samsung or Surface Duo will have this feature. Meanwhile, some users also shared, saying they have had this feature for a while but are not working now on their devices.

Courtesy: Windows Latest

This feature is known as Steam Audio to your PC and it’s sort of pre-existing with the Spotify application. Like, if you have installed it on your PC, you can directly change the device from the Mobile device itself.

Recently, he also shared a continuity browser history for Phone Hub, where you can share the browsing history between your Android and Windows devices. Unfortunately, most of the feature for PHone Link is exclusive to Samsung devices and won’t be available on other Android devices anytime soon.

Music streaming from your Android device to your Windows PC is yet to be announced. This could be one of the most valuable features available to use and an outstanding contribution to the ecosystem since Intel is also working on its version of the Phone Link known as Unison.

You can sync your notifications, messages, photos, contacts, and apps on Samsung smartphones using Phone Link. However, there is plenty of room for improvements and advancements to be added to Your Phone.