In early 2022, Microsoft Edge added an integrated VPN called “Secure Network,” which is powered by Cloudflare. Although this VPN functions similarly to commercial VPNs, it is more familiar to Edge users. Currently, Secure Network is in its preview phase, but it became available to the general public in September.

During the early days of its release, this VPN was somewhat limited as it only offered 1GB of free VPN data. However, thanks to Reddit users and Edge enthusiast Leopeva64-2, the amount of free VPN data has been extended to 15GB. It is important to note that this extension is currently only available on Edge Canary, v110.0.1563.0. In this article, we will discuss how to enable this extension, including how to install it.

Take advantage of 15GB of free VPN data on Microsoft Edge Canary, instead of the original 1GB.

In today’s digital age, where maintaining privacy can be challenging, we often turn to VPN services to ease our concerns. However, we often rely on third-party commercial VPNs to provide these services. In response to this, Microsoft Edge has introduced a secure network feature that is integrated directly into the Edge browser. It is understandable that the Secure network is currently in the preview stage, as developers want to gather feedback from users before its official release.

In an effort to attract more users, the VPN service is now offering 15GB of free VPN data instead of the original 1GB. While there has been no official statement regarding this extension, some Reddit users have shared screenshots confirming its availability. While this information has not been officially confirmed, it is clear that the VPN service is currently offering 15GB of free data. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, here are some instructions on how to obtain it:

Note: According to Microsoft’s support page, the typical amount of free VPN data available is 1GB. However, for early adopters, the limit has been extended to 15GB. This increased limit is valid for 30 days, after which it will revert back to 1GB.

  • Visit the official Microsoft Edge Canary Channel website and download and install Edge Canary on your device.
  • Open Microsoft Edge Canary and sign in with your Microsoft account (sign-in required).
  • Go to the Edge Canary settings and navigate to the “Privacy, search, and services” menu.
  • Click on the menu and enable the Secure Network option.
  • You are now ready to test the Secure Network.

During the preview phase of the Secure Network, Microsoft is testing the offer of extended free data. It is possible that the built-in VPN may not be accessible to the general public at this time. Additionally, there is a chance that developers will offer both 1GB of free VPN data and paid subscription options in the future.

Overall, these are potential options that Microsoft may choose in the future. Currently, developers are offering 15GB of free VPN data to early adopters. If you are an early adopter and want to take advantage of this offer, simply follow the steps outlined above. If you have any questions about this guide, please feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Microsoft Edge Secure Network?

A1. It is an in-built VPN dedicated for Microsoft Edge.

Q2. How do I enable Microsoft Edge Secure Network?

A2. We have covered this in the above guide.

Q3. Is Edge as secure as Chrome?

A3. Comparatively, Edge is more secure than Chrome.

Q4. Why is my Internet access blocked on Microsoft Edge?

A4. This may be due to corrupted cookies stored on the browser. Try clearing these cookies under site settings.