Reportedly, after upgrading to the MacOS Monterey, users encountered an error where they were unable to use the Quick Look feature. The latest update has the issue with the Quick Look preview with the spacebar not working in MacOS Monterey and it’s quite frustrating.

It is quite a useful feature that by simply hovering over the image or video, it starts previewing without opening within a small thumbnail. But with the ongoing glitch, it’s not possible to execute this. Here is the complete guide mentioned down below.

How to Fix Quick Look Preview with Spacebar not usable in MacOS Monterey

Before proceeding try to simply restart the finder and then clear the cache of Quick Look by executing the qlmanage -r cache and then qlmanage: call reset on cache into the mac terminal.

  • Starting with opening the activity Monitory by navigating CMD + Spacebar or you can head over from Application, click on Utilities and then Activity Monitor.
  • After that, Click on Search appear on the upper-right corner and then type Quick.
  • Now, it will locate you to the QuickLookUIService and click on it to exit by clicking on quit button placed on the bottom-left.
  • Click on Quit to confirm your action.

Some users have also reported that after updating their MacOS to Monterrey 12.1 (which you can do by navigating to Apple Logo (Menu), clicking on Software Update, and then choosing Download and Install, or by simply restarting their Finder. If you are still encountering the issue, then try restarting your Mac in Safe Mode.

Sometimes, third-party antivirus or firmware might cause a conflict with the operating system, so try it once after disabling the security solution installed on your device. Later, you can also report the same bug to the Apple Support Center or Apple itself.