If you are looking for an open platform for music listeners and creators, then Soundcloud would be the only one that fits your requirement. Initially, it was established in 2007 but was completely launched in October 2008. Since its release, the app has gotten vast attention from music lovers. At that time, SoundCloud was a much more demanding product.

Following that demand, SoundCloud agreed upon and reached the heights of success. So far, the app got popular and is being expanded over the web, iOS, Android, Sonos, Chromecast, and more. Keeping the Samsung wearables demand, SoundCloud developers opened their gates to include Samsung Watch 4 and 5. So, let’s discuss what exactly was done.

SoundCloud opened a gateway for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series

If you remember, the popular music sharing and streaming service “SoundCloud” teased their Smartwatch app earlier. Together, they launched the SoundCloud beta version for Wear OS smartwatches. The major participant found the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series.

SoundCloud opened a gateway for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series.

Following this, Your Smartwatch’s Wear OS allows you to listen to music online/offline using the SoundCloud app. Unlike SoundCloud’s other platforms’ UI, SoundCloud’s Smartwatch has some tweaks in its UI. Certainly, there is a minimalistic option, including a play/pause button, previous track, next track, and other useful things.

Because the SoundCloud Smartwatch app is under the beta phase, that means available to all Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series users. And as every beta participant, you need to become a beta tester through their official page. Below are steps to becoming a beta tester for SoundCloud Smartwatch beta app.

   Become A Tester SoundCloud

  • Simply visit the SoundCloud official page.
  • Now you’ll see a blue-colored become beta tester button.
  • Click on the beta tester button.
  • After that, Open Google Play Store on your Smartwatch.
  • Next, Download the SoundCloud beta app from the given link.
  • Once done, Update your Soundcloud app with the received update.
  • Now Open the Updated SoundCloud app and enjoy the beta phase.
  • That’s it; in such a way, you can use SoundCloud on your Samsung Wearables.

Moreover, The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series are based on Wear OS 3. Even so, the SoundCloud app will be available on Wear OS 2. Meanwhile, You can use SoundCloud on Wear OS 2-based Smartwatches. Overall, A great step from SoundCloud towards Wear OS, especially Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series.