Snapchat is one of the Popular platforms among Millenials but its integration with YouTube was limited.
But, now the situation reads as you can share any YouTube video by just tapping a single share button.
Earlier, You need to copy and paste the link for sharing any YouTube video but now the developers ease
the process.

Although, the officials added the option with a minor update that any user can locate easily on it. But,
there are various who are unaware of the same. In response to this, we have prepared an article in
which we will let you know about YouTube and Snapchat Video Sharing Integration along with the Step
by Step procedure.

Snapchat Now Letting You Share YouTube Videos Directly: Here’s How It Works

YouTube has a wide collection of videos and various creators are associated with it to offer more
creative and every genre content. On the other hand, almost every social media platform has sharing
option for YouTube videos. But, Earlier Snapchat does not feature any sharing option, especially for
YouTube. Instead, users need to copy the link of their desired video and paste it onto Snapchat for

Fortunately, Developers proved that they take care of their users and Introduced sharing option through
which you can share YouTube videos via Single go. But, As we said it is just a minor update because of
which not every user knows of it. For that reason, below we have mentioned a few steps through which
you can share any YouTube video on Snapchat.

Note: The Sharing option is available for both Android and iOS devices. As a reason, the below-given
steps are applicable for both of these types of devices.

  1. Simply, Launch YouTube App.
  2. Choose Video to share
  3. Then, Tap on the Share button.
  4. Next, Tap on the newly added Snapchat icon.
  5. As a result, the Snapchat camera interface will open.
  6. Now, add your desired effects and filters to it.
  7. Then, Tap on the Camera button.
  8. That’s it, The video will save to Snapchat as a Snap.

Overall, the main motive of this YouTube-Snapchat Integration is to engage more and more users with
YouTube videos. Because Apart from the sharing option you also have additional effects and filter
options to show your creativity. So, these are the simple steps that let you share your desired YouTube
video on Snapchat. With these steps, if anyone has a query then ask it in the below section.