Once in Life, We all Heard about Smartphone Radiation, Yes Smartphone throughout Radiation. Not only But also Firing it Directly into your Head. Lets Took a Closer look, How Really it is Bad for Us. 


Every time Your Smartphone Work it Throwing out the Electromagnetic Wave, These Waves allow to Send Signals. We can Define as The Smartphone Radiation is the Amount of Energy that is Absorbed by Your Body from the Electromagnetic Waves. This is Measured by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

Smartphone Radiation is Increasing

Today the Smartphone With a SAR Value less than 1.60 is a Safe Phone by US Government. Also According to the Reports a Person now Spending 24Hours Usage Per Week. On the Other Hand, The Global population has to Suffer from Radiation in Many Ways.

Signal Strength on the Device is increasing, Where the 5G is Already in Progress. If you Don’t Know the Sar Value of your Smartphone Then Check using *#07#.

The smartphone is the Most Useful tool Because of these Kids Now Getting access to Smartphone at younger ages than Ever Before. Means Kids having More Risk than anyone else.

Are smartphones really harmful to our health?

Smartphone Radiation

If you don’t Know What type of Electromagnetic Waves in Smartphone are? Our Smartphone uses a Combination of two Different Waves as MicroWave and Radio Waves. After Introduced of 5G, means Higher Energy than 4G Waves. Okay, It Through the Waves into your Skull but Not too Powerful to Damage your Body. 

There Were a lot of Study Conducted and Suggested that Smartphone has Not a Problem Related to Waves. There are Some Company Which are Working to Stop Smartphone radiation. Not to Mention, We Recommend to Use your Mobile Phone away from Your Body Because of Every Single Distance Matter. 

Some Quick and Easy Way to Reduce Smartphone Radiation Effects.

If We Looking the Amount of Radiation are coming from Our Smartphone and We Should Choose a Good Smartphone Considering a Less Radiation Emission.

  • Use a Headphone or Earphone, It Will help you Make Some Distance from your Smartphone During Call.
  • Keep You Smartphone at a Distance While Sleeping or Charging. 
  • Limit the Smartphone Use While in a Car, Plane or in any Other Vehicle. This Time it Increasing or Decrease Radiation Effect.
  • Avoid Picking-up Call, When Your Smartphone battery is Low Beausse of Radiation Emission Increase in this Condition.

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