Slack is one of the most popular communication tools globally, with over Million active users every day. In contrast, it has an unlimited message, History, File Sharing, Group, individual calling feature, and more. Likewise, most users were from industry, and they want to share their screen for presentation or anything. If you don’t know but want to learn, we will guide you on how you can share your screen.

How To Share Your Screen In Slack?

It is quite easy to perform; before proceeding, let me tell you that Screen Sharing functionality only works in Windows & macOS. The Desktop-Web version doesn’t support this functionality. Follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

  • Launch Slack app on Computer
  • Then, head over to the channel
    • Where you want to share your screen either group or through Direct Message
  • Then, the Select Details icon appear next to the call
    • You can also click on the Phone icon within DM
  • Next, call the recipient
    • Enable Video camera
  • Then, Click on Share your screen alongside other options, including Mic, Video, Cut, and Emoji
  • That’s it

You should know before Sharing Screen on Slack.

There always a two-person to exchange information

  • Presenter
    • He/she is the person, Who is going to share his/her screen.
    • You can also select a dedicated Window app to share your screen with.
  • Viewer
    • The person who is viewing your screen or recipient

Therefore, other communication platforms allow multiple people to share their screen but slack only allow one person at a time to share his video feed to the recipient. Hopefully, this guide helps you guide how you can share your screen in slack; if there is any query, share with us in the comment section below.